The importance of mental health


What is mental health?

Although no solid definition exists, mental health is basically the attitude and approach to life. And promotes healthy relationships, and cope with anger or stress. It can be classified on the basis of extreme mood swings, irrational or destructive patterns of thought and behavior problems.

How important is mental health?

Mental health a tremendous impact on every aspect of your life.

o Self-image

Good mental health means happy about the results and accept the shortcomings. Mental illness can cause an inferiority complex and negative body image and intense feelings of self-hatred, anger, disgust, and vanity, which mutates extreme depression, psychosocial disorders, and eating disorders.

o Education

students with mental health problems socially isolate themselves, and develop anxiety disorders and concentration problems. Good mental health provides a versatile educational experience to enhance the social and intellectual skills that lead to self-confidence and better quality.

o contacts

The mental health greatly contributes to the functioning of the human relations. Mental illness may prevent even basic interactions with family, friends and colleagues. Most of the problems of people suffering from mental illness are difficult to nurture relations of intimacy or commitment, and often face sexual health problems.

o Sleep

inability to deal with stress or anxiety can cause insomnia. It can also develop severe disorders of sleep will leave you exhausted and less productive.

o eating

People mental illness are prone to indulging in comfort eating or emotional binges. Finding comfort food we all from time to time. But a mental illness, it will be difficult to control yourself. Overeating can lead to obesity, which brings the risk of heart disease and diabetes, in addition to an unhealthy body image.

o physical health

The mental state directly affects your body. For example, stress can lead to high blood pressure and gastric ulcers. People who are mentally healthy to lower the risk of many health complications.

So a conscious effort to improve and maintain mental health.


Source by Tania Hackner

Eye Doctors Treat Soft Contact Lens Patients With Corneal Neovascularization Using New Technology


The cornea is the thin, clear watch glass like tissue on the front of the eye. It vaults over the iris, the colored tissue inside your eye. The cornea has very high needs for oxygen. Since it has no blood vessels supplying it, oxygen diffuses in from the air through the tear film and is supplied at the edge by blood vessels that normally end at its margin. Contact lenses act as a barrier to the flow of oxygen.

While normal contact lens wear supplies enough oxygen to keep this tissue healthy, there are a few exceptions. Lenses that become coated with tear proteins and oils do not allow adequate air to pass through. All lenses become significantly coated within several months, often sooner. Regular lens replacement is vital for long-term contact lens success. Sleeping in lenses adds the eyelid as another barrier to air flow in conjunction with the contact lens. In the majority of contact lens materials this is inadequate for normal corneal health.

The cornea normally swells 3-4% overnight just from your eyelid blocking air transmission. With the exception of the silicone hydrogel contact lenses, most lenses will increase this swelling to 7-8%. At 7-8% swelling the tissue is metabolically unable to compensate in a large number of patients. The new generation of super permeable contact lenses supply enough oxygen permeability that the increase in swelling compared to not wearing a contact lens in insignificant. The response of the cornea to inadequate oxygen is to allow the growth of new blood vessels into the tissue starting from the margins progressing inward. This is an effort to have another supply of oxygen to keep the cornea alive. Neovascularization (new vessel growth) is the name applied to this phenomenon whether it occurs in the cornea or anyplace else in the body. Neovascularization occurs inside the eye on the retina as a complication of long-term diabetes.

A small amount of neovascularization in the cornea is tolerable as long as the problem is addressed, and it is not observed to be progressing. A large amount can allow more rapid infections of the cornea and in some cases cause permanent clouding of the tissue and loss of sight. A number of treatment options are available today. You can discontinue overnight wear if you have been sleeping in your lenses. This may be enough to stop progression but not always. Sometimes changing to a daily disposable soft contact lens will halt progression. With the advent of super permeable soft contact lens materials this option is now a second tier choice in our office. Switch to a super permeable material if it is available for your prescription- these materials are made by blending the traditional soft hydrogel material with silicone. Because silicone is hydrophobic (water hating) it does not wet well. Contact Lens manufacturers have developed different types of plasma treatments for soft contact lenses and altered the polymer structures to overcome this problem. The result is a new generation of soft contact lenses that wet even better that the previous generation and most have much higher resistance to deposits.

The oxygen transmission will typically be increased by 400% to 600% compared to the contact lenses you have worn in the past. All soft contact lenses develop deposits and with time this coating becomes significant enough to reduce the oxygen permeability below safe levels for corneal metabolism. Changing lenses on the schedule you Eye Doctor recommends is vital, even in the new generation of soft contact lenses if you want to avoid progression of neovascularization. I have not seen a single case of soft contact lens induced corneal neovascularization progress with silicone hydrogel lenses that have been replaced as directed. This is a remarkable phenomenon and leap in contact lens material technology. See your Optometrist to monitor for any changes of the neovascularization with regular eye exam visits. Rigid gas permeable lenses now come in super oxygen permeable materials also.

If you can comfortably wear a rigid gas permeable lens, a well fitting design may prevent progression. Optometrists now have the option of plasma treatment of rigid gas permeable contact lenses, which markedly helps comfort. With the advent of the silicone hydrogel super permeable soft contact lenses there is no reason for neovascularization to be an issue for future eye patients. Ask your Eye Doctor about these contact lens materials. There are a growing number of vision correction options including the Bausch & Lomb Purevision soft contact lenses that now come in eye prescriptions that correct for astigmatism (toric) and Presbyopia (bifocal). Update to today’s contact lens technology to let your cornea breathe better and breathe a sigh of relief for your future eye health


Source by Dr. David Kisling, O.D.

3 Health Benefits of Bowling – tone those muscles and a Strike!


Among the many sports that man has ever played, perhaps, bowling is the most popular of all. With over 50 million players in the United States, bowling is definitely one sport that is a cut above the rest.

Among the many reasons for this sport remained on top of the fact that this is a very flexible sport. It facilitates easy to set up methods, which is why many children and adults alike can take part in this remarkable game.

About 95% of bowlers consider bowling as a sport that can be used as a residence, a sort of recreation, social factors, and the competitive nature, provided that terms of sportsmanship.

for the sake of simplicity, the game will contribute to adaptability. Since the rules easier to understand, there are more people who are in this sport, not because of competition but basically because they want to enjoy the time with friends or family.

all these benefits, many people still are not aware of the health benefits that bowling can provide. I thought that the activity promotes physical fitness and stopped there. What we do not know is that the health benefits of bowling more than just building stamina and energy.

So for those who are not familiar with these benefits, here is a list that you should know:

1. Promotes good muscle exercises

Merely walking along the lane while attempting to make a warning or a spare, is enough to exercise the muscles of the leg. This is very similar to the “walking exercise” that most health buffs do; The only difference is that more weight is involved. This is because in bowling, bowling ball in his hands.

Consequently, as you swing around to hit the pins, the bending and stretching provides adequate exercise your tendons, joints, ligaments and muscles of the arms.

2. Fat Burning

As your muscles flex, turn and twist every swinging motion that you make while playing bowling, these moves can actually promote the burning of some accumulated body fat.

3. Build friendships

One of the health benefits that may arise from the bowling is based on the kind of relationship that is built on friends or family. As some psychologists contend, building social relationships can actually promote better performance of the heart muscles. Emotional stress can shorten the life of an average person.

really could not be better or enjoyable way to live a healthy life than bowling.


Source by John Smi

Rock Hard Erection – herbal harder and longer lasting erections!


If you’re looking to get a rock hard erections and do not want to use prescription drugs, the good news is there is a natural alternative. If you want a hard erection, you can take a combination of proven herbs we will look at in this article. Not only do they get harder erections herbs such as synthetic drugs, it also increases the libido and general health status, something which is simply not doing drugs. Let’s look at the natural herbs and how they can better sexual health.

Men need to have high levels of two natural substances in the body to enjoy a rock hard erections, powerful libido and sexual stamina and high levels of two substances – nitric oxide and testosterone.

nitric oxide material, which occurs at low levels and this is the hormone that causes impotence any erection – so what are you doing? This will in blood vessels that carry blood to the penis, and when he relaxes and dilates the blood vessels of these, so it produces more blood to the penis and it is difficult. As men age production is reduced, but it should boost production by taking the herbs – Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed and Cnidium which work the same way as drugs but without the side effects that make you a rock hard erection for a longer period of time.

hormone testosterone that makes you a man and his vital because it gives the body energy and stamina is a strong sexual desire and increased sexual stamina. Ginseng and Horny Goat Weed which we looked at above, are increasing, but so to do the herbs – Tonkgat Ali and Tribulus. These herbs have been used for centuries to increase sexual energy and it is well known that more durable and better orgasms.

all the best natural Erection Pills

If you rock hard erections, stronger libido and would like to benefit from the right circle wellness, try the best natural erection pills and get more from sex and life.


Source by Kelly Price

Fast and easy way to invigorate your sex life!


boredom in the bedroom making love is a very common complaint and can cause many problems in a relationship. To combat this, I would like to offer you some easy to implement love and sex tips that you can immediately start trying to spice up your love life! Discuss these tips with your partner and have fun introducing them to the love!

1) One of the best methods in your partner completely wild and increase the intensity of their orgasms simply try to stop – start-up process. It just means so that the partner is almost to the top, then stopping stimulation right before the point of no return. It drives them nuts (in a good way), and when they finally let me go through thanks ways you never imagined!

2) A huge turnaround, even for those who have been together for a while this idea a reality or actual sex in public. This does not mean, wanton display in front of a crowd of people, but more importantly, a public action is just enough to be a big turning point. Public Sex orgasms very intense, as more excitement and adrenaline running through each other’s bodies!

3) Talk dirty! Almost every man loves to talk dirty, especially if the girl is doing one of the word! It can be predicted that the expectation of sex, or you might make during sex even more exciting. The key here is making sure that she was comfortable with it, and he knows just the thought of her fantasy world. This allows him to abandon all inhibitions and concentrate on turning you. Why is this important part? Because some women feel degraded dirty talk. Let her know that dirty talk in the bedroom only, and it will remain in the bedroom!

4) A very simple way to spice up your sex life is simply to change the location! If you are still having sex in the bedroom, then try other parts of the house. On the kitchen table, in the bathroom, or even a blanket to the private garden! To go one step further, many women find in other places such as balconies, dressing rooms, elevators and the beach, very erotic and arousing places that love.

5) This one is certainly only for those who are very comfortable and the relationship of trust – Couples strip poker! Basically, you can do this in two ways, the porn version where everyone ends another disappointing J or the anticipation and excitement building way. This is where the couples are free to watch and admire each other during the game, however, there is no touching. This pent-up frustration and excitement, then you will make good use of each other, when all the guests left!

6) He would never say no to a manual job or job shocks. We love them! However, if you want to get even better for him, do not forget the bullets. To really drive a man mad, starts with a slow, massaging his boys stimulate the penis while. Similar to most of the sexual activity starts slowly, and as the climax approaches, increase the speed and strength of the grip to send him to the edge!

7) I will complete a secret tip you would be surprised to know that not that many people know! A great guide on how you do pleasuring your lady to keep an eye on her nipples. When you really enjoy what you are doing is not uncommon to see her nipples swell almost twice its original size! However, the same is true when it is not is that what you’re doing, but in reverse order. They will shrink down quickly, so make sure you keep a good eye on this great barometer of sexual pleasure!

So it is! Easy to put into practice a few tips and tricks to help you keep your love life varied, spontaneous and fun!


Source by Jaxon De La Rue

Black Pepper Salt is not – this is good for your health


Black Pepper is a spice, you’ll want to think twice, because it is a healthier alternative than the salt. You can buy the whole or ground pepper, any way you want. The choice is yours. It took years before pulled out from the cabinet over the stove and began to grind their own black pepper during cooking.

Why? I think I grew up with the idea that some things in the company of, and if I did not get around to the fun, does not consider it worthy of enjoyment in their company. I had a flash of black pepper watershed moment.

Then I decided it was good enough for a good Chinese at any time I wanted to pull it out. And it’s nice cutting board and knife set would make a fine stew meat or cheese, which I pleased. I pulled down the wine glass of orange juice to celebrate a sunny day and pulled out the best place mats for their morning meal. Life is celebrating!

Sometimes a little bit to figure out what is good for us, what is healthy and what is not. Hides pepper grinder in a cupboard for 10 years certainly does not!

Thus, although I do not use salt in my cooking, these days I have crazy pepper, and plenty of it. I would add to soups, sauces, eggs, meat, fish, and salad dressings.

Your name, I pepper. I do not overdo it, just a pinch or two. If you are afraid of the old sneeze factor, there are products on the market that can boast that “sneezeless,” but I find the best solution to my sniffer out of the way. It’s not really a big deal.

When the peppers, the taste of it all. And less is more, depending on the variety. I prefer a mixed breed with ground pepper. My omelets rich and variegated, so do the mashed potatoes. Even carrots benefit a turn or two wheels. Okay, sometimes three.

Pepper not only for men, it is not only people. It’s not too spicy or pungent. Pepper good for the body, and this is the important part. This spice adds tons of flavor quickly and easily, so they are blander dishes simply will not be the same. And the home crowd will notice the difference, and clean the plates.

other than how to use a lot of time into conflict with the new peppery snacks at the store. He checked the chip aisle lately? I know you’re not friends, but once in a while … There are a few brands of cans chips or crunchier chips that incorporate pepper. I’m still there. What can I say? Reach for it instead of salt, and family, friends and your doctor will be happy you did.

Pepper important spice that works almost anywhere. It might be a boring dish sing. Grind fresh, and taste the difference.


Source by Vincent Peter Platania, Jr

Affiliate Marketing Tips and Keywords For Selling Fitness and Exercise Equipment


As an affiliate marketer your main job is to presell the products that you are promoting on your website. When you are preselling exercise and fitness equipment, knowing the reasons why people buy them allows you do a better job at preselling.

Below are some of the reasons that people want to buy exercise and fitness equipment. These reasons can also be why people would buy equipment for someone else.

To lose weight and tone their muscles

To become healthier and feel better

To build a lot of muscle

To make their body to look more attractive

To slow down the aging process

To help in the recovery from an illness or injury

To please their family members or other people in their lives

To fit into their clothes

To be more successful in their career or get a new job

To follow an order from a doctor

To get health insurance or life insurance

To be able to exercise in the privacy of their home

To prepare for an upcoming event such as a wedding or high school reunion

To make a one-time purchase instead of buying a gym membership

There are many types of exercise products that affiliate marketers can promote. It is a good idea to choose a niche to specialize in.

Below is a list of some of the products that you can promote.

stationary bikes

spin machines

Pilates machines

free weights

rowing machines



weight machines


ski machines


resistance bands

multi equipment machines

jump ropes

stair climbers

balance balls

sports training equipment

ab machines

You can also feature products related to exercise equipment on your website. Some related products are:

Exercise clothes

Videos and DVDs on exercise programs

Health and fitness magazine subscriptions

Diet plans

Books about healthy cooking and eating, diet plans, exercise plans

Extra equipment or attachments to the products

On your affiliate website you should have words or phrases that will help sell the exercise equipment. Sometimes just one word will resonate with a person and persuade them to buy.

The following are positive words and phrases related to exercise.

lose weight

feel healthy

look better

stop aging

build muscle

increase stamina and endurance

no embarrassment

improve confidence

get in shape

live longer

increase energy

feel thin/sexy/younger/more attractive

look thin/sexy/younger/more attractive

tone up

fit into old clothes

keep the weight off

enjoy the beach

lose fat

eat more

wear a swim suit

Using images and graphics on your website will also help sell the exercise equipment. Visitors to your site will project themselves in the pictures and this will help persuade them to buy.

Some imagery ideas are:

Before and after pictures of people getting into shape

People smiling and enjoying exercise equipment

People at home using the equipment while watching TV or being near their young children

If you are planning to drive traffic to your website by using pay-per-click advertising you will need good keywords for your ad campaigns.

Here are some keywords and phrases related to exercise equipment.

fitness equipment

exercise bike

home fitness

gym equipment

gym machines

home gym

exercise equipment

fitness machines

weight lifting equipment

used exercise equipment

exercise machine


abdominal equipment

fitness exercise equipment

home exercise equipment

weight equipment

exercise program

exercise bike equipment

sports equipment

fitness exercise

Informative articles are something you should have on your affiliate website. These not only help sell the equipment but will help the search engine optimization of your site. Articles will keep visitors on your website for longer and will improve the overall quality of your site.

Here are some ideas for articles relating to exercise:

How a person used the equipment to quickly lose a lot of weight.

How a person got in shape and it helped them get a date.

How a person improved their overall health and fitness

How easy it is to set up or use the exercise equipment.

Building a list of subscribers will enable you to establish a long-term relationship with your visitors. In order to get them to sign up for your mailing list or newsletter you can offer them a free information product related to exercise.

Ideas for free information products related to exercise are:

A list of good and nutritious foods to eat.

A list of exercises they could do anywhere.

How to make time in the day for a quick workout.

Exercise equipment reviews and recommendations.

Diet plan reviews and recommendations.

Since exercise equipment is usually a high ticket item there is the potential to make a lot of money in affiliate commissions. Finding exercise equipment to promote is not difficult. You can check on the official website of the equipment maker and see if they have an affiliate program. You can also search on the affiliate networks to see if they represent exercise equipment. Choose a program that offers a variety of creative linking opportunities. Most programs offer free datafeeds of the merchant’s product catalog. Using datafeeds on your website, along with informative articles will allow you to create an authority website that will rank well in the search engines.


Source by Adam Z. Sterling

Mustard for Health – accelerates metabolism, and improves digestion


mustard is known to be very helpful for digestion and may help to speed up your metabolism.

Mustard produces more than a tiny seed yields many health benefits. Mustard is one of the most popular spice in the world, and is used in all countries as a favorite spice. Part of the cabbage family, mustard seed can be used to complete the form, ground powder or a combination of wine, vinegar or other liquid to create a loose paste.

There are three types of mustard: black, brown and white. The mustard plant grows to be quite high and bright yellow flowers.

I imported through Spanish missionaries and the US seen as a cure-all. Sharp, bitter taste, especially vinegar mixed into a paste, gave up a long health benefits have been discovered before the drug fumes.

Better than a vitamin

Mustard seed is a very good source of omega-3 fatty acid, and calcium, fiber, iron, manganese, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, protein, selenium, and zinc. Magnesium also reduces asthma and lowers blood pressure. The effects of mustard is currently looking for menopausal women and migraine attacks.

Other Healthy Benefits

Just some mustard possible health benefits are:

speeds up the metabolism

stimulates digestion, increases saliva than eight times higher than normal

inhibits the growth of cancer cells and may prevent other types of cancer as well


Dermatological treatments is found sulfur mustard

reduces the severity of asthma

reduces rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

lowering high blood pressure

preventing migraine

facilitate gastric juices that aid in digestion problems and give digestion

soothing sore throats, bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia

provides antiseptic properties of

Furthermore, this powerful four conditions: it is antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

How to add to your diet Mustard

mustard in more than a hot dog, the stadium. Whether ground form, the form of seeds or a bottle, there are several ways to mustard into your diet to reap its benefits. And because of the pungent, spicy flavor of the food increases, so unique, easy to replace fattier condiment options such as mayonnaise, butter, and sweetened catsups.

mustard often used in Indian, French, German and Irish dishes. But there are many other options as well.

The powdered mustard in salad dressings, egg dishes, pickles, marinades and vinaigrettes.

whole mustard seeds to sprinkle on salads, rice and more vegetables and roast meats. Try roasting them first with a dry pan on a nuttier flavor.

mustard helpful. Bottled mustard can be rubbed on meats before cooking. Try cutting vegetables in mustard sauce for dipping is a unique, delicious sauce. Mustard easily add mayonnaise, vinaigrettes, marinades and barbeque sauce.

mustard so versatile; you will find many interesting and new ways to do the old.


Source by Diana Walker

Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware – The Secret To Good Health


Surgical stainless steel waterless cookware is fast replacing traditional cookware made of Teflon, aluminum, glass porcelain, light stainless-steel and iron, as they have been identified through scientific research as a more salubrious and efficacious cooking medium than their substitutes. The difference between surgical stainless steel and ordinary light steel is that the former contains nickel and chromium unlike the latter.

A joint research study for evaluating waterless cookware, conducted by the Bradley University home-science student- faculty team showed that high quality Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware produced cooking results with higher rated tastes and lesser percentage contraction losses than non-stick pans used on electric-stove-tops. This cookware also was found to be the best option for cooking on induction stove-tops.


There are two varieties of surgical stainless steel used to make waterless cookware- the 304 and 316 versions. The main aspect that distinguishes the two is that 316-variety has a higher amount of chromium and Nickel than 304-version; it also has an extra component- Molybdenum-2-3%. Theses additional features make 316 surgical steel able to withstand corrosion caused by Sodium Chloride. Therefore, if you reside near coastal areas with high exposure to sea salt by waterless cookware made of 316 surgical stainless stains for utensil durability. However this cookware will be costlier than those made of 304 surgical steel.

Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware could be non-vacuum, meaning it cooks food with steam at 100 degrees Celsius; The vacuum variety incorporates a steam control valve mechanism on the utensil lid so as to make cooking possible using a partial- vacuum vapor seal. This cookware helps the foods to cook by the steam they let off and by the water they were rinsed with. However, you will have to add 1/8 inch of water to meet basic steam requirements. There are 5 Ply and 7 Ply variants for use on various cooking stoves.

Features and Advantages

Both 304 and 316 ranges possess a high tensile strength of 84-185 ksi and yield strength of 42-140 ksi making them strong and durable.

This kitchenware tends to save cooking time and creates cooking fuel economies through uniform heat distribution from the heat source. This cookware cooks faster than a pressure cooker, which also involves steam cooking, because it does not require steam build-up within the vessel to cook food. Hence, it does not heating to the temperature required to boil water in a pressure-cooker.

In vacuum versions when you lower the heat as steam escapes through the valve during cooking, the firm vapor seal, a ringlet of water that develops between the lid and the pot, enables food to cook fast.

The dishes concocted in these vessels retain their nutrition, fiber and vitamin content, enzymes and juices even after cooking. In comparison to other cookware, they use 25% less heat and complete the cooking process in half the normal cooking time.

Steam cooking in this cookware eliminates the need to use oil for cooking thus saving you from obesity, cholesterol and heart diseases.

It is healthy as surgical stainless steel is impermeable in nature and prevents toxic heavy metals from leaching into the food from the vessel.

Surgical stainless steel possesses a tremendous stain resistant property. Burnt spots can be removed just by boiling water in the pot and light stains can be cleaned with cleaners and paper towel wipes.


Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware is available at reasonable prices in the USA. A complete set can be bought for approximately $500-1000. Since any type of kitchen tools can be used with this sturdy cookware, you don’t need to spend extra on special accessories for use in conjunction with the basic set. The manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their products.


Buy Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware that is heavy, as the weight implies the steel is of premium quality. Choose utensils with thicker bottoms that evenly cook the food throughout the pot through uniform distribution of heat. Thick bottoms also preserve warmth of the food longer after cooking is over.

To quicken cooking times, don’t lift the lid during the cooking process while preparing food using this cookware to prevent the inner steam and heat from being lost.

When the steam is released through the valve during cooking instead of waiting for the whistle to blow, lower the flame heat intensity. This will also have the effect of conserving energy.

Using soft, non-abrasive cleaning materials will help enhance durability and sustain the gleam of this cookware for longer durations.

If you utilize an induction stove in your kitchen look out for the 7 Ply Surgical Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware that has a carbon steel layer sandwiched between the surgical stainless steel layers for better heat distribution and cooking results.


Source by Peter A Cerrato

Steamers – How and Why to Use steamer


If you are reading this article you are interested in changing the health of the better! There are so many reasons to quality health steaming food. Steaming the food to improve the flavor of food and reduce the caloric intake, with keeping the much needed nutrients! It’s a simple way to change your eating habits! Steam is easy to clean up after use, and who can resist !?

before using the food steamer For The First Time

  • The first time you use the food steamer, be sure that all the stickers off and washed thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Place the steamer on a stable, flat surface that produce the hanging cabinets, steam coming out of that damage. Be sure to avoid burns pot holders. Steam burns if not complied with, how to use the food steamer.
  • Be careful when filling the water does not fill under the “LO” line, and do not fill above the water “HI” line.
  • Be sure to use distilled water to prevent water deposits in the reservoir. It’s a good idea to clean the water tank with white vinegar to remove water deposits, especially if you are not using distilled water.

during cooking food steamer

  • Definitely when preparing food to be steam wash fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, etc., before the steamer. Larger vegetables or cut larger size will determine the meat, how much time will be needed steam. It takes longer to cut more.
  • Keep this in mind when freezing part: If you want a meal faster time frame is sure to reduce your food in smaller portions and freeze later.
  • food that will take the longest to be lower bowl of steam cooking to ensure that the steam reaches to the food first. As with all food preparation, it is best to use the freshest ingredients possible.
  • If the food choices for a long time to cook, check the water level and add distilled water if necessary. The water level never attained the “LO” line.

Health Reasons to Use food steamer

There are many reasons for steaming vegetables. We simmer the vegetables, and get the much needed nutrients to fat-free way of cooking that usually do not get our food choices today. Most of the food in this age of infested saturated fat, and increases the risk of high cholesterol, high triglycerides, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and that’s just to name a few. You can not only enjoy the rice and vegetables, but fruit, lamb, chicken, pasta, seafood, fish, game hens, pheasants and eggs.

Tips for using your food steamer

  • The proposal to all types of food seasoning or marinate first taste of steaming food directly.
  • always cut all the same size to ensure that everything is ready at the same time. As long as you keep everything in one layer of steam is everything, and then everything happens at once.
  • Be sure to read the direction of the appropriate amount of water. If the water level gets too high steaming instead of boiling food. Be sure to leave the lid of the steamer until the time has finished. Every time you open the lid you can let the steam escape and the food will not be completed on time.

more reasons why you should own steamer

  • a very simple way to get fresh food in the break room at work to steamer in the cabinet. If less dismembered parts have been frozen, a fresh food in minutes. Why the food is heated up last night for dinner daily from the microwave when you can have fresh homemade healthy meals!
  • Moms really like the baby food steamers, or the vegetables are easy to chew small children. They are not only easy to eat food, but it’s a child of the nutrients needed to grow up strong and healthy.


Source by Cheryl Parslow