How to use acupressure improve your intuitive skills


While acupuncture and acupressure is timeless traditions clearing the energy channels for better health, it’s a little known fact that they are also conducive to spiritual development. If finding an acupuncturist who knows how to open spiritual channels is a challenge, or you do not like needles, you can implement your own home acupressure session, or where you happen to be.

Known finger acupuncture, Tsubo point of clearing and settlement of energy, involving acupressure massage fingers or use of the crystal wands to activate certain acupuncture points. In some cases, the electrical stimulation is used. It provides neuro-stimulation Tsubo points along the nerve and energy pathways in the body.

Although this means that the balance of the system and the body that can lead to a better spiritual relationship, there are certain acupressure points to effectively stimulate your intuition and spiritual channels.

In order to effectively shift the energy of the cerebral cortex (basically the gray brain matter), the medulla (the base of the brain above the spine) to work at certain points, we will discuss a little bit. The cerebrum (the cerebral cortex) is home to the most deliberate movements and activities, while the center of the medulla ANS autonomic nervous system. It also hosts a link to the intuitive sensitivity. Within this area, the body has a special energy-gate which allows the flow of psychic energy.

Now let’s look at stimulation points which will be used in acupressure. Bladder meridians, or energy pathways of the bladder are known as points or BL9 Yuzhen. These points are located on both sides of the occipital bone. The bone on the back and the base of the skull. Then place your finger on the back of your head, usually you will find a small dent, which is located at the right point, and if you draw an imaginary line around the head at the top of your ears, you’ll be in the right place.

Gently massaging these points, and gentle pressure will create a change of about 30 seconds in the active mind of the subconscious and intuitive functions and strengthens the medulla. This slows down your metabolism and respiratory system, and can become a trigger to switch to mind easily and quickly. If the energy flow is weak in this area, you can feel a slight pain.

There are two energetic pathways are important in developing an intuitive channel of conception and governing meridians. The managing Meridian flows up the spine over the head and ends on the palate. The conception Meridian flows up the first ending at the tip of the body language. They are connected to the base of the body at a point called Hui Yin. It is located between the anus and the genitals of the dam. When stimulated connects the two meridians and stimulate the third eye and other intuitive channels. Another way to encourage through this point Kegel exercises known to most women. This is not as effective as direct acupressure, but easy handy if you ever have. Although no incentive to the point of doing Kegel contractions, keep on top of the tongue against the palate behind the front teeth. This will help to link the two circuits.

Linking these circuits stimulates the intuitive abilities and also recommended some yoga and meditation practices.

acupressure develop quickly through the intuitive capabilities. It’s simple, cheap and portable.


Source by Lillie Ruby

A Healthy Penis – 6 Simple Tips Keep Your Libido Strong


There are many products that claim to increase libido and penis healthy, however a healthy penis and strong libido are usually reflected the general way of life.

Many men look for miracle cures, when they should be looking lifestyle changes. These changes become even more critical than men over the age of 40

Lets look at six simple liefstyle changes that help

In a healthy penis and health in general

A the human body is a fully integrated organization, it is practically impossible to have a healthy penis if there are health issues elsewhere.

Al healthy penis means, one without erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is not yet fully known and most studies are inconclusive if the causes physiological or psychological, or both factors working together.

a healthy penis and testosterone levels

As men age, it is proved that the level of testosterone in the blood slowly decreases.

This is one of the main causes of loss of libido, and if libido can effect erections, it is then a cause of ED.

Check yourself, and see if any of the following symptoms you.

have sleeping problems, hair loss, become tired quickly gaining weight, depression, irritable easily become without sweating and flushing of physical activity?

So if testosterone is reduced, there is no way to have a healthy penis, and you must use the new generation of ED drugs (Viagra, Cialis, and so on) that work, and you may not, and unpleasant side effects.

First erection of an ED medication does not mean your penis (or healthy) Also, if health condition deteriorated, the veins and arteries are not open as it was when they were young, so the ED can be caused by a slowdown / breakdown of the circulatory system.

a healthy penis increased libido six rules

both testosterone levels and overall health, you can follow the simple rules below.

will be healthier and will show a healthy penis and then a male

1, 2 and 3 of the MUST


1. If you smoke, stop now. Smoking damages every part of the body, especially the circulatory system, and introduces dangerous chemicals directly into the blood.

2.You need physical activity every day. It is estimated that there is a need for at least 30 minutes a day at least strenuous exercise. To get testosterone levels up naturally, put yourself in a good weight lifting program. See your doctor first and then ask a professional trainer to give you a special program suited to your body type, age and physical condition. The testosterone levels will rise naturally. It is a proven fact.

3.Diet. If you are overweight, your penis will pay the price, and the heart and other critical organs. Eat plenty of fruits (in season only), and vegetables, lots of roughage (in the form of cereals), and meat sparingly. The reduced weight of natural (non-formal diet) and you will notice your libido returning and your ability to satisfy it as well.

shoulds The following rules; so keep as much to them as you can.

4.Moderate alcohol intake. Not too indulge in drinking. Short-saving and Drink wine and beer are great in moderation.

5.Find good vitamins and minerals. It should include most or all of the following: Vitamins A, B, B-complex, C, D and E. Minerals, the chromium, selenium and zinc. Proteins, L-arginine. From enzymes, DHEA. Natural herbs, look for Damania, Dong quai, ginger, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, gotu kola, Horny Goat Weed, Hydrangea root, Pygeum, Sarsaparilla, Saw Palmetto, and Wild yam.

6.If are alone, masturbate. You need to ejaculate often, and through masturbation, keep the chemicals and reactions needed for a healthy penis will be used. Correct (as technique is called jelqing) the result, if not more, to improve circulation to the penis and the prostate uses more than continence.

last word of a healthy penis

Keep in mind the state of the penis is a good indication of their state of health. Follow the rules above, and at any age, you will find increased testosterone in the blood, better circulation, relief from many symptoms, which now plague you, and of course, a healthier penis.


Source by Sacha Tarkovsky

Can massage chairs help with weight loss?


This question seems like a dream, if the answer is yes. Would not it be great to just sit in a massage chair and lose weight? However, life is not that simple. Massage chairs can help the process of losing weight. The real way to weight loss includes eating right and the job is in progress. Massage chairs can help in weight loss help to shed a few pounds or prolonged by providing you with a way to better health.

In order to be healthy, you need a whole some and relaxed body, mind and spirit connection. Massage routinely help induce relaxation of body and mind. It specifies the time to focus on yourself. First common treatment is important to maintain a healthy body and mind connection.

When we take a weight loss program, it is usually by eating better and exercising often. We begin to see improvement in weight loss and the beginning of the workout. We will, however, seems to have stagnated since the body has stabilized and become harder to lose more weight.

Most of the early weight loss is simply water loss. Our bodies are made up of water. As you change your diet and start exercising more is losing more water weight. Receiving a massage during this period will help to release this excess water in your body.

Another important advantage is the movement of lymph and other fluids in the body. The lymph cleans and removes all the toxic materials out of cells. Those who are regular massage helps move this liquid, and rinse the body. Regular flushing of toxins is important to maintain a primary health organization.

massage therapy is known to help increase muscle tone. This will help you build muscle and aids the ability to control or lose weight. If the muscles are strong, your muscles burn more calories. It allows you to perform a variety of activities to maintain health.

Some research suggests that massage therapy can lead to the loss of fat. The penetration of the soft tissue massages it is believed that the fat capsule burst. When the fat capsule is crushed, it is more easily absorbed and removed from the body.


level of metabolism is important to lose weight. A higher metabolism helps the body to make it easier to perform normal processes. Receiving regular chair massage treatments will help increase the flow of blood and fluid in the body. The blood flow is particularly essential to improve the metabolism.

Regular treatments are thought to influence the selection of the liquids tissue regeneration. These treatments are stretching the muscles and connective tissues helps to break down scar tissue faster. This can speed up recovery from normal training and injuries.

When you start to work regularly, you tend to get muscle pain and tightness. This can happen in a build up of lactic acid. Regular therapy provide a means to help reduce the build up of lactic acid, which is pain reduction.

There are many benefits to receiving frequent massage chair treatments. These types of treatments should be seen as a stable and healthy life. Massage therapy is an important component of the overall health program. It is important to take time to relax and focus on yourself. Massage chairs can help your weight loss goals and healthier lives.


Source by James Knolan

Wheatgrass and Health – – And Manifesting Abundance


Let me begin by stating a simple fact: I am and have been a multimillionaire with a number of thriving businesses who both follows worldly success principles set down in business and practices spiritual truths on a daily basis.

Let me add another simple fact: I have booming physical, mental, and emotional health along with healthy relationships with great numbers of success-minded people across the world. And the basis of this health is mild exercise and an all-natural wheatgrass-based formula I created myself and which thousands of people — including decamillionaires and centimillionaires and world-class sports champions of all sorts including Wimbledon tennis players — rely on for their abundant health.

I am a champion of health, and I know there are just a few things anyone needs to do to experiencing their God-given right to health free of limitations.

I’ve learned over the decades that both the worldly principles and the spiritual practices are one and the same and are directly connected to today’s concept of abundance – having what you want show up in your life by putting forth some effort and experiencing satisfaction… rather than the tremendous sweating struggle for small, unsatisfying results that we all can experience.

Your abundance or wealth — or seeming lack of it — are simply a reflection of you and your relationship with everything:

  • Your physical, mental, and emotional health: the essence of you
  • Your financial health: money and things
  • Your personal relationships: love, support, connection, shared experiences
  • Your business relationships: creative expression and channels for more financial health
  • Your understanding of how to operate in the world
  • And your experience in all that you do or think or feel

As you heal and cure one area, you tend to heal and cure other areas automatically. Why? Because you begin to understand the underlying causes for poor health, finances, relationships, or choices.

As you change from muddy, vague thinking to crystal clarity, you easily visualize what you want and then see it showing up in the world.

As you assert yourself and move from passive object/victim to whom stuff happens to active participant and decision maker who steps forward with clarity, you make decisions that benefits you immediately and in the long term.

As you experience the benefits of your decisions coming from clarity, you gain confidence to build further upon your successes.

And soon, perhaps not in a day or a month, but often in a few months or a year, you have healed areas that previously were plaguing you.

This is EXACTLY what happens in your health decisions when your pursue abundant health free of limitations.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Know what you want: Do you want to experience better health?
  2. Know what you do NOT want: Do you want to merely settle for limitations that are only slightly better than what you have now?
  3. Follow and model your own behavior after those who have succeeded in similar circumstances. I myself began with constant illness and life-threatening asthma and found a dependable, simple solution — and now am a highly trusted source who people the world over rely on for guidance
  4. Associate yourself with successful people: Do what you can to be in contact with those who operate at levels above you, whether in health, money, relationships, personal power, creative ability, or anything. This includes distant contact where you are on the vibrational levels as they are — by keeping the same habits of successful people
  5. Stay on the path. Don’t quit: Know that those in life who cross the finish line are just people who continued step after step. As they marched along, all the quitters have dropped out, and they were winners by default: by not quitting
  6. Expect miracles but don’t expect to perform them yourself unless your personal power is actually proven to be that tremendous. Many people fall prey to setting unrealistic expectations and disappointing or even condemning themselves for their results. I call this “leaps of faith off 30-story buildings” — most people go splat when they hit the ground below

Finally, know the truth about anything rather than the illusion. True, I’m a health champion and have healed myself and thousands of others with wheatgrass. However like the simple steps above, not knowing what you’re doing with wheatgrass can have consequences.

But for now, know this:

Wheatgrass can help heal you and manifest the abundant health you richly deserve!


Source by John J. Fike

Előnye és hátránya Eating Nuts


Ki mondta, hogy a kis dolgokat nem lehet különleges? Legalábbis nem ez a helyzet az anyákkal. Tény, hogy ezek a kis csomagok erőműve az egészséges tápanyagokat a napi táplálkozás. Bár ezek szuper gazdagok egészséges élelmiszerek, de vannak olyan sok mítosz velük kapcsolatban. Annak ellenére, hogy a tudományos állítások és tények, sokan még mindig úgy gondolják, hogy fogyasztása dió teheti meg hajlamos a felesleges zsír.

ellentétben ezek a mítoszok, dió tartalmaznak sok telítetlen zsírok, amelyek szintén tartják számon jó zsírok. Ezek az antioxidánsok, rostok, és a fehérjék bőségesen. Meg kell enni naponta, bár mértékkel. De ha még mindig szkeptikusak ugyanaz, ellátjuk az előnye és hátránya kapcsolódó dió a segítséget.

Előnye evés anyák:

A pozitív, hogy ösztönözni fogja eszik marék dió napi tartalmazza:

1. Gazdag ásványi anyagokban és vitaminokban

A legtöbb dióféle betöltött nélkülözhetetlen ásványi anyagok és vitaminok a jó egészség. Ezek közé tartoznak a vitaminok és B. Az ásványi anyagok találhatók diófélék közé tartoznak a réz, szelén, vas, kalcium, magnézium és a foszfor. Mint ilyen, ők mindig egészséges enni. Bár, a szint a tápanyagok változhat azok különböző típusú.

2. AIDS Fogyás

Míg a legtöbb ember nem ért egyet ebben a kérdésben, ez egy bizonyított tény, hogy a diófélék segítséget istállót extra kalóriát, ha mértékkel fogyasztják, és óvatosan. Ez igaz a dió, mint a mandula, pisztácia, kesudió és. Ezek tartalmazzák a sok szál, amelyek segítenek, hogy megfékezze az étvágyat jelentősen. Mint ilyen, ők ellenőrzik a súlya is.

3. Engedjük le a koleszterinszint

Ha azt szeretnénk, hogy lejjebb LDL vér és az összkoleszterin a szervezetben, indítsa egészséges táplálkozás dió azonnal. Ez elsősorban annak köszönhető, hogy a tartalom telítetlen zsírok bennük. Ezek sok többszörösen telítetlen, valamint az egyszeresen telítetlen zsírok bennük. Emellett egyes nyers diófélék, magasabb a fitoszterol, amely szabályozza a kockázatát, hogy bizonyos szív- és érrendszeri betegség vagy probléma.

4. Gazdag Omega-3 zsírsavak

Nuts, mint a dió ismertek azok nagy mennyiségben tartalmaz omega 3 zsírsavat. Ők is sok ALA, valamint néhány más tápanyagokat. Tanulmányok kimutatták, hogy ezek a tápanyagok együttesen segít csökkenteni az oxidációs vagy gyulladás a szervezetben. Tehát, mindig jó a szívnek.

5. Csökkenti esélye Diabetes

Nuts befolyásolhatja a inzulin és glükóz semleges. Mint ilyenek, csökkenti a cukorbetegség kockázatát. Továbbá, a diabéteszes betegek, ők alkotják az egészséges táplálkozás opciót. A különféle formában, mint a mogyoróvaj segít csökkenteni a kockázatát Type- 2. típusú cukorbetegség, különösen a nők. Ez is bizonyítja, hogy a kutatás dió, mint a mandula jelentősen csökkenti az esélyét az étkezés utáni vércukorszint.

6. Gazdag növényi fehérjék és az élelmi rostok

Nuts tartalmaz sok növényi fehérjék. Ez teszi őket egy egészséges alternatívája a húst is. Azt állítják, a vérerek azok nagy mennyiségben tartalmaz aminosavakat. Az élelmi rostok a diót is jót tesz az egészségnek.

hátránya Eating Nuts

Van elég ok, hogy például a nyers vagy szárazon pirított dió a napi rutin. De van néhány kapcsolódó veszélyek eszik túl sok dió. Ezek a következők:

1. Nagy kalória

Szinte minden anya tartalmaz sok kalóriát. Ez nem egy kellemes tény az kalória- és egészségtudatos emberek. Bár, mandula jobb választás a legalacsonyabb kalória 160 unciánként. Ellenőrzésére kalóriát, tartózkodnia kell az olaj pörkölt dió, amelyek fűtött magas hőmérsékleten káros olajok.

2. Magas zsír-

Annak ellenére, hogy nagy mennyiségben tartalmaz telítetlen zsírokat, dió hajlamosak, hogy ezen az extra poggyászt feldolgozásával és ízek. Néha dió tartósítószerrel kezelt és egészségtelen vegyi anyagok, amelyek növelik a nátrium szintjének és a cukor őket.

3. Magas szintű Oxalátok

Többnyire a héjas gyümölcsök jelentős mennyiségű oxalátok. Amikor ezek a oxalátokat felhalmozódnak a testnedvek és kristályosodni, vezethetnek a kialakulását kövek a vesében.

4. Vezethet Akne

A legtöbb dióféle tartalmaz bizonyos olajokat káros a bőrre. Az érzékeny bőr kell enni dió mértékkel, hogy ne kitörési akne.

Ezek közül néhány az okok, hogy elég, megakadályozza Önt eszik diót felett elfogadható határértékek között. Ha azt szeretnénk, hogy Munch őket naponta a jobb egészség, feldolgozatlan, nyers, és a fény sózott diófélék mérsékelt adag a legjobb választás az Ön számára.


Source by Vatsala Singhania

Cleaning Your Colon Sex Drive leads to better sex and power?


If you do not feel healthy, you lose interest in sex. Most people lose unhealthy sex drive. In order to continue to maintain a healthy body; Cleaning the colon is a great option. In this article we will talk about why cleaning the colon can lead to better sexual performance and get your love life back. There are a lot of things going on inside the colon and digestive system, you may have no idea. If you are constipated, you can quickly build up of toxic waste colon. Their toxic waste gets absorbed into the circulatory system through the colon walls. Since the toxin enters the blood stream, you can get into every cell of the system.

Not much damage to organs in the long run. The liver and the immune system will fight the toxin is so difficult that you simply can not handle other functions. If you have a weak immune system, your sexual desire will suffer. Various studies say that most individuals with irritable bowel syndrome, sexual health problems. Women reported pain during intercourse. Statistics show that compared with people with irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, lower sex drive of patients. The worst of constipation, the lower the sex drive gets.

Cleaning the colon is a good possibility that the sex drive back. A constipated colon cleansing to get rid of clutter and waste. On average, an adult has accumulated about £ 20 for waste in the colon. For many years the only waste sitting in the colon and the creation of toxins in our system. Just imagine how much better you will feel when all those junk £ 20 is emptied of the colon.

will discover the huge difference between the two libido and sexual performance after cleaning the colon. You will feel healthier, more energy. It will be active and lively, so that they can better sex performance. So, if you still suffer from low energy, constipation, low libido and sexual performance is below average, clean the colon. Suitable colon cleansing products, then the results during a very short time.


Source by David W Jeremiah

4 Tips for Creating a healthy eating plan


To be healthy, first and foremost step is to accept that you need to change your current lifestyle and eating habits. When you understand that the next step is to come up with a plan of action to follow.

should set personal fitness goals based on the action plan.

Implementation of the plan is an important step in the journey towards fitness and health.

Due to the specific goals will help you better motivated and stick to your plan.

Create your own healthy eating plan as follows: 4 tips given below

1. Be realistic set of goals to be achieved

Do not the most common error setting unreasonable goals for yourself and heavy. If you can not reach your goals, you will feel discouraged and maybe even give up the diet.

more realistic when setting your goals, but that does not mean making it easy for yourself.


If you work long hours, you can not expect to cook healthy meals every time.

when creating your goals, think about the details. Exactly how much weight you want to lose fat and volume. That they are reasonable, neither too easy to achieve, nor too difficult to achieve.

It is difficult to accurately determine the percentage of body fat without the use of expensive medical equipment, it is better to monitor the changes in body fat or muscle measurements.

before you start eating healthy and exercise plan sets out the measurements of the waist, hips, thighs and upper arms. And make sure that once every two weeks or so to monitor your progress.

it is difficult to accurately determine your calorie needs without having to use medical equipment. To be sure, how much you should take, you should consult a professional or a personal trainer.

2. Gradually go

Once you have developed your goals, implement the changes gradually.


The goal is to stop the habit of eating chocolate munching carrots or bananas. But do not cut the chocolate is completely on the first day of the diet plan.

Think about how to gradually reduce the chocolate you eat. This prevents an irresistible craving.

foods that are both healthy and delicious, we recommend that you follow through on your plan. It prevents mindless feeding taking your time when eating and enjoy every bite of food you eat will help you realize when you are full.

3. Be true to yourself

When you concede your cravings, to be honest about it.

Admit that you ate things I try to avoid, and the effort to put the next meal. Integrity is helping to cover up the days when admitted to the desire of the food you chose not to eat.

This can help you to monitor what you eat everyday and be accountable to your diet can help you stay on course in your diet.

4. Snacking healthy foods

increase from munching on snack food metabolism, but it ensures that a healthy snack to eat. They can help you burn more calories and keep you from overeating.

snacking on healthy foods also gives you a constant supply of energy throughout the day.

Coming out an eating plan takes time.

Follow the above four tips to reduce design time and use your ideas to help you create and stick to that plan.

Once perfected and strongly sticking to a healthy diet plan, they may greatly benefit that comes from a healthy diet.


Source by Mo Salle

7 Reasons Why Sex Intercourse Good For You – How to better sex Health


Sex is bad for your health? Obviously not. Come on, do not have sex, you do not! As if things were not bad enough as it is, with a great many people have been told to cut off or trim the things we enjoy and love to do, but it must be said, is not sex, it is only when people draw line.

Sex is bad for your health? No! The heart must be exercised to stay in shape. Research has shown men who a week cut the risk of sex two or more times a fatal heart attack by fifty percent. If you do not have sex for whatever reason, some jogging or go for a brisk walk. To keep the heart healthy, going from strength to strength and performance between the sheets.

do not help you lose weight: Most sexual maniacs are skinny. This is worrying because people say I’m skinny, so the cat out of the bag, so no excuses. Like any form of exercise, sex will help you shed the pounds. The thirty-minute sex session contains 85 calories to burn. In order for the plan: a 15-minute workout on a treadmill is also likely to burn up to 200 calories; 42 of these 30-minute sessions, it can also take a pound off the weight.

sex strengthens the immune system: Even if the sex is good for your health, there is the issue of safe sex. If you have unprotected sex can be bad for you. There is a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases that through that stupid and do not use condoms. Sex will always be bad if there are opportunities for passing on STD. Those who have sex once or twice a week has been shown that the higher the level of immunoglobulin IgA, or an antibody, which helps protect them from respiratory diseases such as colds and flu. However, it should not be greedy, because the study found those who had sex three or more times a week to the lowest level of antibodies.

sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer: study found that men in the early 20s who had five or more ejaculations weekly one third less likely to develop cancer in later years.

Non relieve stress: the medical description of the atmosphere increases sex gives people belong to the brain emissions during endorphins and after sexual intercourse, and these neurotransmitters generate a feeling of euphoria while disguising the negative effects of stress. Study shows sex lowers blood pressure, which helps people manage stress situations better.

Non relieves pain: endorphins released during sexual intercourse because of the increased levels of oxytocin in the human body. This supposedly relieves joint pains and period, and so on. Lower blood pressure is good migraine relief.

Sex helps you sleep really true? Would I be right that it depends on how long it lasts, and he takes the time and maybe we talking about? If you are in an explosive sex, it is not for anyone exhausted and ready to get some shut-eye after this? Sex is not not to be filled, action-packed, and to lie back when it’s over, and nod off. In addition, it helps you sleep better while relieving stress and pain, sex, oxytocin is generated. Sex relaxed, encouraging a deeper, more restful sleep.

Take this information to the board and not only will you see your sex, what to do, but just something you have to do to stay healthy and shape. Show your wife this, and there may be no need for the headache tablets again.


Source by Kacy Carr

Sperm Taste – 10 Simple Tips For Better Tasting Semen


Sperm taste is affected by what you eat, as are all secretions from the body.

It is a fact that your sperms taste can be improved and making your semen taste better, can be done with a few simple diet changes.

Diet has A major influence on sperm taste as it’s a secretion from the body like any other.

Just as your sweat can smell strongly after eating a heavily spiced meal your sperm will also reflect the spices in its taste.

The make up of sperm

Semen is made up of ninety percent (90%) seminal fluids including fructose (sugar) protein, and various trace minerals and nutrients.

The PH of semen is 7 and scientifically neutral, yet it tastes slightly acidic. Let’s take a look at the actual ingredients of semen.

A man’s ejaculate is actually only 1% sperm.

The rest is composed of various proteins, vitamins, sugars, salts, cholesterol, and water. All the extras are what protect, feeds, fuels the sperm in its journey.

As you can see in terms of semen’s composition, it’s fairly obvious that what you eat will make it taste better or worse!

Getting a sweeter taste

With sperm taste, the aim is to make it taste sweeter.

All men have a semen taste that is exclusive to them, but the major complaint on sperm taste is normally always the same:

It tastes bitter or salty; let’s look at how to make semen taste sweeter

10 Tips for better semen taste

Here then are 10 simple do’s and don’ts to improve the taste of your sperm and make your semen taste better and sweeter:

1. Cut out alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs and nicotine- they’re all pollutants.

2. Drink lots of water 1 – 2 liters a day to flush out body toxins.

3. Fruit get plenty each day and sweeten your sperm taste

Pineapple, papaya cranberry, melons, mangos, apples grapes are all good choices. These fruits are high in natural sugars and offset the bitter taste.

4. Eat plenty of vegetables which are generally good for improving sperm taste.

5. While it is true vegetarians generally have better tasting sperm there are vegetables to avoid:

Any vegetables from the cabbage family big offenders also include Cauliflower, broccoli, or asparagus:

5. Cut red meat consumption this is one pf the main offenders when it comes to making sperm taste salty. Dairy produce such as milk and cheese also make sperm taste salty.

Make sure when you eat protein you get good quality lean protein such as chicken and turkey.

Fish is claimed by some to be an offender in terms of taste, but this seems to vary between individuals. Try it and see the affects before cutting it out, fish is a major part of a healthy diet, so don’t cut it out!

6. Avoid heavy spices such as Garlic and onions, they’re big offenders when it comes to sperm taste, as they have a high sulfur content.

7. Do not buy products that claim to make your semen taste better there is no evidence that they work.

Your semen can be made to taste better by overall changes in diet and lifestyle, it’s a complex formula and a good healthy diet has the biggest affect.

8. Parsley, wheatgrass, and celery are particularly recommended for sweeter semen taste, because of their high chlorophyll content.

9. Cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint and lemon are particularly recommended for making semen taste sweeter.

10. Avoid junk food, they’re loaded with chemicals and preservatives that pollute your body and your semen’s taste.

Try and eat food “from the earth” i.e. as naturally as possible. Also consider taking a zinc and selenium supplement, both are needed for healthy sperm and can make the taste better.

Finally, strong smelling semen may indicate an infection, so if your semen taste doesn’t change when you change your diet, you should consider a visit to the doctor.

Your aim with your diet is to eat one that helps your overall health and the above recommendations will not only make your semen taste better you will also feel fitter and healthier as well.

Keep in mind that you can eat some of the foods we don’t recommend for sperm taste.

You can enjoy red meat and the occasional spiced curry just keep in mind the following when considering sperm taste:

What you put into your body takes between 12 and 24 hours to secrete out and you should simply keep this in mind before eating and deciding whether you want a better sperm taste on that particular day or not!


Source by Sacha Tarkovsky