Sharpen Your Abdominal Brain And, Build A Stronger Midsection


The Brain-Gut Connection

Have you ever wondered why people get butterflies in the stomach before a job interview or big performance? Or even why people vomit at the thought of something unpleasant or while under severe stress?

The reason for these common experiences is that your digestive tract and stomach in particular acts as a second brain. The human digestive tract contains over one million nerve cells… this is about the same amount of nerves found in the spinal chord! In fact, there are more never cells in your digestive system than there is in the entire peripheral nervous system.(1)

Your digestive brain and the brain in you skull are linked together via the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve “wanders” from the brain stem through the organs in the neck and thorax and finally terminates in the abdomen. This has been termed the “brain-gut” connection by Jordan Rubin, author of The Makers Diet. (5)

This second ‘abdominal brain’ is just as important as your ‘skull brain’. According to Dr. Michael Gershon, professor of anatomy and cell biology at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City, describes the body’s second nervous system in his book The Second Brain:

“The brain is not the only place in the body that’s full of neurotransmitters. A hundred million neurotransmitters line the length of the gut, approximately the same number that is found in the brain… The brain in the bowel has got to work right or no one will have the luxury to think at all.” (4)

Your stomach literally thinks and, has the capacity to feel and express your emotions.

Smart Core

According to Paul Chek in Scientific Core Conditioning, the rectus abdominis is segmentally innervated by different 8 nerves. He continues to assert that due to the abundance of nerves that innervate the core / abdominal musculature, that it functions as if it has 8 brains.(2)

The reason for the abundance of nerve endings in the abdominal musculature is obvious… throughout our evolution, the hardships of developmental environment dictated that the abdominal musculature need be extremely strong as well as intelligent. It is the abdominal musculature that is responsible for: the stabilizing effect for the expression of limb movement, increasing intra-abdominal pressure to assist in forced expression, flexion, rotation, ipsilateral isometric contraction when stimulated unilaterally, transferred tension to create spinal stability via that thoraco-lumabr fascia (TCF), etc. So, my point is clear… your abs have a lot of jobs, so they’ve been given a lot of brains.

Abdominal Inhibition due to emotional disturbance

To reiterate… First, your digestive system acts as a second brain and contains the same amount of nerve cells as the spinal chord. Also, due to the abundance of neurotransmitters present in the stomach it has been observed, both clinically and experientially, that it is highly affected by the emotions that we produce.

Next, it has been established that the core musculature has “8 brains”. The muscles of the abdominal are highly evolved to withstand “primal man’s” need to survive and thrive in developmental environment via functional movement patterns necessary for hunting as well as building shelter.

Both the digestive system and the abdominal musculature are linked via the nervous system. One of the primary control centers of the nervous system, the brain, can make or break your efforts to flatten your abs and build a rock solid physique… and I am going to show you how.

Internal organs borrow their pain-sensitive nerve fibers from the muscular system. This means that when an organ feels pain, the brain cannot determine if it’s the muscle or the organ that hurts. The brain only knows which segment of the spine that the pain message came from. So, the brain then sends a message to that particular region of the spine and tells all of the muscles, tissue and organs in that region to behave as if they were in pain. (3)

When you are distressed, due to emotional disturbance from – financial insecurity, relationships, a job that you hate or spending an hour on the phone with your depressed middle aged auntie… your stomach, or second brain reacts. Some of the specific observed reactions by this organ to emotional pain include decreased or increased blood flow, “clenching”, and digestive inhibition.

While this is occurring, your abdominal musculature has just received the same message that the stomach has – “there is pain and we must react”. Your abdominal muscles, now perceiving pain, become inhibited and lose the capacity to contact to their fullest capacity. This is true in particular for the Transversus Abdominis, the muscle that activates the thoraco-lumabr fascia for low back stability and acts to keep your belly “drawn in”. (I’ve just shown you how mental/emotional distress causes low back pain as well.)

So, what does this mean for me?

Essentially, the point that I would like to make clear is that as a holistic entity your entire physiology is linked via control systems including the nervous system. You now understand why mental / emotional stability is essential for muscular strength and stability… especially as it relates to your abdominal.

If you have been trying, unsuccessfully, to improve your aesthetics through countless crunching sessions and dieting – I invite you to consider that you have been missing as much as 50% of your opportunity to have better health and visible strength. Ignoring or working against your body doesn’t work! And you will only look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

What can I do?

First, recognize that you are an integrated system of systems and that one part of your mind-body cannot experience trauma without it affecting several others.

Next, there are a total of 6 factors which I call you “The Primal Elements” that must be addressed in order for you to look and feel your God-given potential. I will elaborate on each of theses in a later article but for now I will list them: Your Thoughts, Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition / Food Quality, Exercise and, Biological Rhythms.(6)

Learn more about “The Primal Elements”: []

Addressing each of The Primal Elements on a daily basis will keep your organs, your nervous system and subsequently your musculo-skeketal system functioning optimally and allow for a flatter, stronger and better looking midsection.


1. Blakeslee, Sandra, “Complex and Hidden Brain in Gut Makes Stomachaches and Butterflies”, New York Times, January 23, 1996.

2. Chek, Paul, Scientific Core Conditioning (San Diego, CA: CHEK Institute Publications, 1998)

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6. Hulse, Elliott, Unleash Your Primal Edge (St. Petersburg, FL: Primal Edge Publications, 2006)


Source by Elliott Hulse

Aerobic and anaerobic – Which is better?


aerobic training exercise that involves or improves oxygen consumption by the body. The word means Aerobics oxygen. Along with using and improving the body’s oxygen consumption and aerobic exercise increases the body’s ability to burn fat during a workout acids. An example is the aerobic workout that includes a warm-up, followed by moderate exercise for a long time that exercise large muscle groups, and then a cool down. No matter what type of exercise, it is important to know that aerobic exercise is very beneficial fat-burning cardiovascular health and wellness.


anaerobic training exercise intense enough to anaerobic metabolism. This greatly increases the body’s functional capacity and maximize explosive power, short-term energy systems. An example would be, not endurance sports such as bodybuilders to promote anaerobic training speed, strength, power and muscle mass. This leads to higher performance of the high-intensity, short-lasting activities.

several physiological reactions in the body under aerobic workout. A person’s aerobic capacity will be higher. There will be an increase in muscle hardened capabilities that capacity utilization and mobilize fat, which is high in fat metabolizing enzymes as well as the increased blood flow. The body is experiencing a slow-twitch muscle fibers more development, increased myoglobin content, which is essentially an iron-protein compound inside muscle that acts to store and transport oxygen to the muscles. Aerobic exercise improves the body’s oxygen, thus increasing the ability to store and transport, which is more slow-twitch muscle fibers.

There are several physiological changes, there are also anaerobic training, and shows the big difference between the two, and what benefits each of them. Anaerobic training increases the size of fast twitch muscle fibers to slow twitch vs. Creates an increased tolerance to higher blood lactate also increases the enzymes involved in the anaerobic breakdown of glucose stage. Anaerobic exercise also produces an increase resting levels of ATP, CP, creatine and glycogen content. High-intensity resistance training sessions will cause the level of growth hormone and testosterone 45 to 75 minutes.

Because aerobic and anaerobic training focuses on very different results in the body, it is easy to assume many different adjustments, the organization needs to do when someone decides to just only train aerobically and anaerobically.

If a person decides to do only aerobic exercise for a year, it increased overall cardiovascular health. The body adapt to fatty acids for energy, and is aimed at the development, slow-twitch muscle fibers to. Those who choose to train aerobically are typical 5k, 10k and marathon runners. Aerobic exercise is created stamina and those who train the aerobic exercise you will be able to maintain a certain level for a longer period of time. What the body will not experience the full force of the profits. Aerobic exercise does not give a person gains full strength, power or explosive strength abilities. After the body is a year-conditioned himself to utilize oxygen to burn fatty acids, and can be machine durability. After a year, it would be difficult for the person trying to anaerobic exercise such as weight lifting. However, it can be done to change people’s fitness goals and training.

If a person decides to do anaerobic training using for over a year, the body adjust to glycogen fuel in place of fatty acids in aerobic exercise. The organization will use to develop fast twitch muscle fibers in training versus slow, and muscle mass, explosive power and overall performance. The choice to use anaerobic training would allow the fitness and muscle growth but not overall cardiovascular health, and there is no persistence. Body builders typically anaerobic training clientele. These enormous explosive force and their bodies have adapted to the large amount of power for a short period of time versus endurance strength for a long time. Many bodybuilders anaerobic exercise, not aerobic exercise, so it’s not uncommon to see a very fit body builder, who can not run / walks / jog even ¼ mile because there was no aerobic exercise to build cardiovascular health and endurance capabilities.


Source by Wesley Gillespie

Yoga and Health Benefits


Most people who actually benefit from Yoga are those who practice, and continue to practice. Often times beginners try Yoga once and never again. They do not see how doing stretches or putting their body in uncomfortable poses helps their life. Here are 5 reasons why us Yoga lovers love the practice:

1. Yoga Relaxes:

When you practice yoga, your full attention is required. The practice allows you to detach from your long, hard day and turn in. For an hour or so, your practice requires you to be in the present moment. Most of the day, we are busy working, or making plans, or thinking about where we need to go, what we need to do… During this hour or so, your mind must focus and detach from all those things that you did or have to do because in order to do any pose, or listen to the instructor’s direction, you need to pay attention. By leaving your work load behind or skipping through your thoughts about your “must do’s,” for that hour, you are clearing your mind. When your mind is clear, you can better reflect on the past, plan your future, and enjoy your present moment.

2. Yoga Strengthens the Body:

Yoga is workout – Of The Mind! There is no doubt that Yoga postures and poses strengthen your muscles and help you lose weight and manage cellulite. It also depends on how often you practice (on and off your mat). Practicing on a regular basis will strengthen those more than others. Yoga allows you to learn about your own body. Which poses can you do? Which poses do you like or dislike? It teaches you your physical limitations, physical capabilities, and physical preferences. How can you strengthen your body without first learning about your very own first? By practicing, you are able to find out if you are a back-bender, arm balancer, or both! I can tell you, I never considered myself flexible before I began to practice Yoga. Over time, I discovered that I am much more flexible than I thought (in my body and my mind)! Being flexible and open in the mind, allows you to be flexible and open in your body. Try it, you have everything to gain.

3. Yoga Strengthens the Mind:

Simple- “Healthy Body = Healthy Mind.” Yoga offers us the tools that help us think clearly. You say, “How can going upside down help me clear my mind?” Well, actually, going upside down reverses your blood flow to your brain which washes out the old and pumps the new and fresh. Besides that, the practice of Yoga (asana) has everything to take with you off your mat. For example, as you practice, one goal is to keep your body engaged, yet soft. We call this Sthira-Sukha. (Sthira – Firm and Alert) and (Sukha- Ease and without Tension). Sound like a piece of cake? Think again. Our practice helps us to find this balance because by finding this balance, we can advance our practice. Otherwise, poses simply remain poses. Think about how this could benefit life outside your mat. In your workplace, employers favor those who have the ability to lead, be strong and firm, speak up, be quick (qualities that Sthira brings) BUT- they also need those who remain calm during crisis, have problem-solving abilities, are polite, communicate well with others (qualities that Sukha brings). Wouldn’t having both benefit you in your work place? Absolutely.

4. Yoga Teaches you to Prevent:

Not only does Yoga help you reflect and sort out all of your issues (even the ones you did not realize you had), but it also helps you to prevent future problems in your life. Yoga enhances your thinking skills. Sometimes, we like to do things over and over again and hope or expect a different result each time (definition of insanity). I know that I am guilty of it as well! Yoga practice is that little light bulb that pops in your head and tells you, “hey, maybe I should try something different since this clearly is not working.” So, you may ask, “how can doing a yoga pose possibly help me with this!?” Here is why: Since the poses teach you about your body, they also teach you how far you can go or if perhaps you have gone too far. If your body does not feel good in a pose or causes you pain, you are asked to COME OUT and try a different or modified pose that is better for your body. See the connection? A lot of times these concepts are not even noticed. We begin to say, “Yoga feels good, puts me in a better mood, changed my life.. etc” It is because as we begin to practice, we begin to recognize the things that are getting in our way and we recognize them more quickly than before, then by having a clear mind, we take action. Over time, this becomes a prevention tool.

5. Yoga Changes Old Habits:

You know those bad habits you have and find a very hard time stepping away from them? Well, here is where Yoga can help you in that area of your life. Yoga practice makes you recognize all sorts of things about yourself that you did not know. Simply because, as mentioned before, it requires your full attention. Once you learn about yourself, you recognize your habits (the good and bad ones). As you may know, the first step in changing anything is recognizing the problem. In this case, recognizing your bad habits. Sometimes we are not fully aware of our habits. So how can we change them if we do not even know we have them? By practicing Yoga, we learn about our body, preferences, and our health. Naturally, paying close attention to ourselves is like studying our own self and seeing ourself through the eyes of the world outside of us. This is not so easy to do, especially if we are so caught up in our stressful and busy lives. As we practice over time, we become extremely sensitive to notice everything about ourselves and that is when we clearly recognize our habits. To go into more depth, we begin to recognize how we could possibly make our habits better or shift things in other areas to help balance out the things that we cannot change. For example, excessive smokers or drinkers who wish they could stop their habits may find it almost impossible to let go. Working with your body, over time teaches the concept of “letting go of that which does not serve me.” Over time, with practice and most importantly commitment, change will come and it will come naturally.



Source by Christina Oganesyan

Diet Tips – The medicinal uses and health benefits of Rubidium


Rubidium rare trace element that is not very abundant in the human body. But despite the rarity and low in the body, it has some very important functions to perform health. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the use of rubidium.

four medical purposes and health benefits of Rubidium

1. It helps in the prevention of diabetes The mineral Rb plays a vital role in the synthesis of enzymes . One such enzyme, which helps to create rubidium is essential for proper absorption of glucose in the body.

Without rubidium to help the action of the enzyme, glucose molecules would not be able to get absorbed efficiently, so that diabetic problems.

Therefore, one of the most important uses of rubidium to reduce the chances of diabetes.

2. Maintain the hormonal balance: Studies have shown that the production of the rubidium enhance many different hormones and enzymes.

The working range of the pituitary gland, and the salivary glands and lacrimal glands, encouraged by the presence of rubidium. . Because rubidium keeps the body’s hormonal activity in check, so that you can prevent such health problems.

3. AIDS and the regulation of iron absorption: Rubidium has been shown to help regulate the flow of iron in the blood stream, which helps in better absorption of iron. If you have enough iron is present in the blood, rubidium acts as a block and shut down more iron in the blood can leave.

As a result, the optimum iron levels remain and there is no excess iron in the blood, which can result in a number of health problems, including hemosiderosis. If there is just the right amount of iron present in the blood, the body is overworked and not able to absorb the iron efficiently.

Thus, appropriate rubidium is vital to ensure that you do not get an overdose of iron-related diseases.

4. It helps with depression The initial results of the medical tests have shown rubidium to be very useful in the synthesis of serotonin. It is enough to ensure the presence of serotonin in the body.

Serotonin is the brain chemical, failing which you will suffer mental imbalances. Serotonin has been observed deficiency who are depressed and usually given serotonin drugs to prevent depression.

Thus, rubidium, EA seems natural serotonin booster, it can be a big help preserve the health of the brain, and in particular the prevention of depression.

Although not much is known rubidium, since it is a rare mineral, and the body is very small, then use the above rubidium that this is a very important mineral in well-being.

Sourcing the use of rubidium

rubidium not very rich soil (if any), rubidium food sources are rare. In fact, many other countries adopted the rubidium is used in the United States.

Thus, the only source of information on health is rubidium rubidium accessories.

How to choose a rubidium Supplement

do not buy a rubidium supplement containing ingredients such as silica, sugar, starch, artificial coloring, etc. Such ingredients additives which are harmful to the body and should be avoided.

Buy rubidium supplements that are made as a pharmaceutical GMP standards in order to ensure that you are getting a safe product.


Source by Henri K. Junttila

Good Vices That Benefit Our Health


VICE #1: Sleeping in.

It’s free, natural and has no drawbacks. More than giving you energy, getting enough quality sleep boosts your immune system, your memory and might even help you manage your weight. Lack of sleep has been linked to high blood pressure, glucose intolerance and belly fat, all known to be risk factors for heart disease. You should aim for the research supported 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. If you always seem to drag yourself out of bed, no matter how much sleep you get the night before, talk to your doctor. A good night’s sleep is not a luxury… it’s necessary to your health and well-being.

VICE #2: Mental health days.

Who doesn’t enjoy sneaking off for a well deserved time out? Turns out taking time off has been shown by research to relieve stress, lowering your blood pressure and thus your risk for heart disease. It also aids creative thinking, and may help with symptoms of depression. The good news is that the length of the vacation doesn’t matter one bit in terms of how happy it will make you. The best part is the anticipation.

VICE #3: Enjoying intimate pleasures.

A vice in some eyes to be sure… sex is, after all, the most pleasurable form of activity there is. It releases feel-good endorphins and oxytocin, the hormone that helps promote attachment, which very much benefits mental health. One study found that those who were sexually active one or two times a week had raised levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A that is thought to protect from colds and infections. As with many vices, sexual activity brings the chance for unintended consequences like infections and pregnancy, which is why it does not top the list.

VICE #4: A daily serving of chocolate.

A worthy, well loved vice. A square or two of the dark kind, without as much sugar and fat as milk chocolate, will do wonders. Dark chocolate and cocoa (75% cocoa content) might help lower blood pressure, cut the risk of stroke and bring other cardiovascular benefits according to more than one study. Dark chocolate has flavonoids that are believed to improve the flexibility of blood vessels, making them more resistant to plaque buildup.

Another study published last year found that eating 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate a day for 14 days reduced the stress hormones in highly anxious people.

VICE #5: Girls/Boys nights out.

Finally, research to back up a vice we all enjoy. A number of recent studies have shown how big an impact friends and family have on our behavior. From what we eat and drink, to how much we weigh (for better or worse). Strong social ties have also been found to bring benefits like fewer colds, better brain health and a longer life. Friendships are so good for you, as long as you’re in a well-balanced relationship with give and take being equal. Avoid those who are toxic to you.

VICE #6: Full fat dressing/sauces.

When it comes to vices, full fat anything is sure to be on the list. The thing is, there’s really no need for you to deprive yourself of the full fat variety of your favorite dressing or sauce. These “loaded” versions not only taste better, but they remind us that fats serve a real health purpose, as long as you get the right kinds in the right amount. Try for 10% (no more than 30%) of your daily fat intake to come from monounsaturated fats (vegetable oils, avocados, many nuts and seeds) that cut your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Omega-3 fatty acids (salmon and tuna, flaxseed and walnuts) also reduce the risk of heart disease and might even help ease symptoms of depression, rheumatoid arthritis and other problems. A meal that has a little fat leaves you feeling more satisfied, so you end up actually eating less.

VICE #7: Your morning coffee.

One of the most well known of the vices, coffee continues to be popular. If you’re like many who need that cup of coffee to get going in the morning, don’t feel guilty. There’s a lot of research that suggests coffee doesn’t just pick you up, it also fights heart disease and some cancers. It might also help you perform harder, longer workouts. Moderate coffee drinking in midlife has been linked to lower risks of dementia and Alzheimer’s. What’s more, every added cup of coffee you drink a day drops your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 7%.

VICE #8: Getting a massage.

They may be an expensive indulgence, but massages (by a pro or a loved one) are a vice that is well worth the guilt. Being touched regularly leaves you healthier. Women in a 2008 study noted less pain, depression, anxiety and anger when they got weekly massages by their partners. Their partners reported better mental health too.

VICE #9: Basking in the sun.

Though we all know the dangers of too much sun, this vice, in moderation, has its good side. Those sun filled days act as a natural anti-depressant, really working to improve moods. It triggers our bodies to cut production of the sleep stimulating hormone melatonin so we feel alert, energized and ready to take on the day. Letting the skin soak up the sun (without sunscreen) also triggers the natural synthesis of vitamin D, believed to reduce risks for cancer, heart disease, brittle bones and other conditions.

VICE #10: Wine with dinner.

Last but not least, the ‘good’ vice that most hinges on moderation. Though researchers don’t know precisely why it works, wine does have some impressive heart healthy properties. The antioxidants may keep blood vessels flexible, or alcohol could help boost HDL (the good) cholesterol. All you need is one 5 ounce glass a day to enjoy the benefit, more than this can up your blood pressure and cause you to pack on pounds. Women who drink heavily also boost their risk of breast cancer.


Source by Kirsten Whittaker

How to stay healthy in today’s modern world


healthy life takes more than a routine medical examination, which is different from what many people think. Shown studies that some of the major causes of death in the United States (heart disease, cancer, stroke, bronchitis) cases can be avoided if a healthy lifestyle tracking.

You can be healthy for the next few steps, like taking a healthy diet, exercise and prevents some bad habits like excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking.

This is like the old saying that says: “prevention is always better than cure”. Keep in mind that it’s cheaper not to smoke, like smoke. It is less expensive, not to drink, a drink, even though the people in the alternative that the harder many health problems.

lives in pursuit of a healthy life

If the practice is not part of his / her usual, you can not say that anyone can live a healthy lifestyle. Practices do not provide many physical and social aspects, as it makes your muscles and bones strong, it is more flexible and improve the uptake of nutrients from the blood into the cells, the healthy cells.

helps socially general, if you participate in the work out, you get to interact with new friends in the gym, and enjoy the kind of interaction. Regular exercise helps your confidence. Exercise could also help in enhancing the mental mental alertness. Exercises help to protect life and full of depression.

Healthy weight loss

The food we consume considers it very important and one of the main characteristic of judging the future state of health. Fat should be avoided for everyone even those who do not want to lose weight, because the risk of high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes.

It should consume as much fruits and vegetables as you can, which occupy a large portion of space in the fridge. You can achieve longevity and healthier life by consuming the right food in the right amount of lowered calorie level. Acquisition of essential nutrients needed by you, such as calcium and iron, and to maintain your weight under control can help.

Make sure that all foods contain important nutrients required for the body, and if it is very difficult to achieve this, you need to use dietary supplements. The food should get calories to balance the calories you use physical activity.

A variety of foods should be consumed, especially dark green leafy vegetables, deep yellow vegetables, citrus fruits and juices, melons, berries, dried beans, lentils, chickpeas, peanuts, whole grains, such as wheat, rice, oats , corn and barley.

On top of this you need to practice safe sex and drinking water come from trusted sources only. In case you did not get a venereal disease or water, it all goes to waste. Maintain a clean environment and practice good personal hygiene.


Source by Jason Kent

Top 3 Benefits of Healthy Panini recipes


Are you on a diet? Want to have a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing the kind of delicious food you used to eating every now and then? Do you want to stay fit and avoid diseases caused by stress and the demands of the job? If you said yes to these questions, then the answer to your prayers healthy Panini recipes.

Panini should be part of your diet, especially if you are someone who wants to argue that knockout numbers, or if you ‘re planning to shed a few extra pounds. They are certainly waiting for the regular meal, and you the nutrients your body needs healthy recipes panini many advantages and here are some of them.

1. Easy to make

do not need to be an expert in the kitchen preparing for panini. It only takes a few minutes to get a panini nutritious and filling. you do not have to go to every store in town only to earn more ingredients because they are available everywhere, even in your own backyard. Healthy panini recipe vegetables, such as lettuce, carrots, onion, cucumber, herbs and spices, including fruits such as pineapple and tomatoes. There are also different breads to choose from, which you can buy in the local bakery, supermarket.

2. Fewer calories, more nutrients

Panini is an excellent choice, especially if a strict diet or just want to be healthy. Many of them contain fewer calories, since most of the ingredients can be fruits and vegetables, which are essential nutrients the body needs, without having to worry about the fat. Moreover, you can also use bread and less preservatives or opt for a fiber-rich bread to supplement your diet.

affordable 3

Fruits and vegetables are usually cheaper than the meat or chicken. Moreover, they remain fresh longer, especially if refrigerated. You can also buy canned or preserved fruit, pineapple, strawberries and peaches. On the other hand, if you own a home vegetable garden you can use the products in a healthy panini.

There are many healthy panini recipes to choose from. You do not have to worry about purchasing expensive panini restaurants anymore because they are all easy to prepare, which have fewer calories and more nutrients, and very affordable. The next time you think about dieting, or just want a healthy snack, try healthy recipes panini and you will not be disappointed.


Source by Sabrina Rocca

Healthy living in the modern world


In recent years, many began doing exercise, taking yoga classes to follow a strict diet in many countries. The reasons behind these activities much like work stress, diabetics, people lost a lot of fat in food, and because of pollution and urbanization process. Most people live in the city because of severe pollution heavy intake of carbon monoxide in their bodies. As a result, a high intake of many side effects involved in this process.

Most people are also addicted to tobacco, alcohol, according to recent studies, 60 percent of the organization’s 100 people drink much more than healthy. Also, in most countries the percentage of the female population is increasing alcohol consumption. As a result, many doctors suggest people take regular exercise and sport their own free time. In the last ten years, the heart diseases has increased from 35% to 70%. In recent years, most children born diseases as a result of their parents’ poor health and lifestyle. So in these times you need to follow a few rules to health, as well as the younger generations will be healthy.

health care is nothing, but keeping the body clean and healthy habits such as regular exercise. First regular rights km 2, the average age is quite unique. The college school days everyone is involved in one or another sport, but when people find a job you can forget about their health and will soon be busy in their work. You should consult their doctor every 3-4 months for regular screening years. They do not need to stress – if you find that stress should do yoga every day, so the pressure will be normal. Otherwise, which leads them to hypo or hyper blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease. Most enterprise companies in the US, employing dietitians and other parts of the world, physiotherapists, doctors and good to take care of their employees.

The next thing I would like to discuss your diet, because the intake of food that we responsible for all the fats, carbohydrates, proteins and enzymes needed, which will be useful for energy conversion and utilization of the human body . You have to follow a very strict diet to avoid unhealthy foods available in the market. According to a recent survey, most people get sick by consuming junk food. The food little fat advisable since by increased fat content in the fat accumulates in the veins and arteries in the human body, leading to high blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease. In order to reduce the need to take fewer fat cheese or oil or butter fat in our food therein by controlling the human body to the human body. Regular exercise will be useful to control the fat in the human body.

The practice of sport, it will be a good exercise for the human body. Swimming is a good sport. You have to maintain your body weight according to height. There we can reduce health problems the most extent. I conclude discussion on the above topic, saying that regular exercise or yoga and a strict diet and regular checks of sports and also we can keep the body healthy after all, it is an old saying. “Health is Wealth”


Source by James Redwood

How Niacin Flushing regularly

Added by Muscle

Niacin flushing better health

One of the biggest advantages of flushing niacin that stimulates the growth hormone which is a muscular physique. First, what niacin flushing exactly entail? If you buy an overdose of niacin, your veins will widen a little and blood flow is significantly improved. This process is called niacin flushing, because basically flush the system of toxic waste cluttered in the capillaries, where circulation is generally poor. In this article I will explain what it does niacin flushing muscle, how to achieve these benefits yourself, and how to avoid the side effects.

Niacin Flushing: How it works

If you take an overdose of niacin, production of growth hormone is stimulated. The best time to take niacin just prior to sleep. In fact, niacin is flushing that if the blood circulation, and this is a great tool when bodybuilding contest.

In order to niacin flush, you will need to consume 50-80 mg. Once you have done this, you can “flush” about an hour. This flushing period is often without side effects, but some people report that the skin becomes red or endure severe headaches.

Niacin consumption

Basically, it will consume niacin in two ways, either natural supplements or niacin dense foods. Both methods are good, but I prefer to niacin via natural foods because these foods are healthier and contain other important micronutrients. The following list of some foods high in niacin

1. Shiitake mushrooms (1 cup). They are interfering with 6.1 mg of vitamin B3.

2. Tamari (one ear). This sauce is vitamin B3 1.2 mg.

3. Chicken Breast (4 OZ-t). This corresponds to 12.3 mg vitamin B3.

4. The raw crimini mushrooms (5 OZ-t). These mushrooms contain 7.1 mg of vitamin B3.

5 Tuna (4 Oz). Tuna 13.6 mg of vitamin B3 one dose.

Avoiding Niacin Side Effects

In order to avoid the unpleasant side effects often associated with niacin overdose, I personally recommend to jot down a note pad or something like that niacin has been used much during the day. Another thing that beginners should do is spreading vitamin B3 intake throughout the day, rather than all in one meal.

Another effective remedy to an aspirin 30 minutes prior to the B3 vitamin-rich foods. Vitamin C pills and garlic extract also can work wonders. Finally sure to drink much water during the flushing period.


Source by Tyler Mcveigh

Social Stratification In United States


Social stratification:

When we speak of social stratification we mean inequality between various groups of people. Inequality exists in all sorts of societies and cultures. Societies are consisted of layers that are hierarchical.

The four basic stratification systems are:

1) slavery

2) caste

3) estate

4) class.

Stratification systems of slavery, caste and estate have been demolished in modern societies except some tribal societies.

The social class system is mainly a description of how scarce resources (wealth, income, education and occupation) are distributed in society. In other words Class could be explained as an indication of the positions a person may occupy within society, positions which are not equal.Thus, in order to analysis social classes in a society, it is necessary to explain that how these resources are distributed and make social classes.

In spite of the fact that some scholars argue that in developed countries, inequality has reduced rather than previous societies but, social stratification, inequality and class conflict have increasing rate today. In the United States Inequality between rich and poor has increased to the extent that the gap among them is larger than any point in the past 75 years. United States has the largest wealth disparity of any industrialized nation in the world and this disparity is growing larger every year.

In the United States, income is obviously one important scarce resource. Clearly, it is occupation that provides income, and it is education that determines the sort of occupation. At the more extent level, income is related to life consequences, such as the quality and quantity of education, health care, and housing one obtains, and even the how long one lives. So, there is interrelationship between accesses to each of these sources.

in the United States individual income depends on educational characteristics; in 2005 most people with doctorate and professional degrees were in top 15% of income earners. Those with Bachelor degrees had incomes considerably above the national median and people with college degree had less income.

The noticeable point is that, while the population of the United States is becoming increasingly educated on all levels, the conspicuous link between income and educational attainment remains.

Another point is that tertiary education is rarely free; education in elite private colleges for a four year program costs $120,000 approximately. While public colleges and universities costs much less but they are not free. Scholarships and low interest loans by government and universities are available too, but still the cost of education is high for many people.

Overall, educational attainment serves as one of the most essential class feature of most Americans, which is directly linked to income and occupation.

On one hand occupational status is consequence of educational attainment, personal or family income and on the other hand it defines access to other resources including income and health.

Low-wage jobs are associated with those people who have less education. Workers in these areas are unskilled because it does not require education in order to perform these jobs. But, White collar jobs require more human capital, skill and knowledge and therefore produce higher earnings. With higher education it is more likely for one to occupy a professional-level job wherein he or she may earn a higher salary. Therefore, those with less education are more likely to be working in Low-wage jobs.

Each particular job influences on lifestyle; income and prestige that gained from a job determine living environment, the kind of foods, medical care, sort of social networks, entertainment, spare times, and behavior.

It is education that makes upper-middle, middle and lower-middle scores on occupational spectrum; unskilled employees, employees with less than seven years of schooling, high school graduated ones, college graduate, licentiate, MS holders, professionals and experts with Doctorate degree located on different scores of occupational spectrum. So while all functions and positions in society do not determine with occupation, the job role is one of the most important status features in the United States.

Another feature that determines individuals’ position in the society is wealth. Wealth is what people own in assets such as houses, cars, stocks, shares, saved money, and lands.

While United States is the second rich county in the world, the distribution of wealth is too unfair. The top 1% of all population owned 38% of the wealth, 10% of population had 71% of wealth and on the other hand the bottom 40% owned less than 1% of the nation’s wealth.

Totally, the distribution of wealth is much more unequal than the distribution of income (what people receive in the course of a year by working).

According to these basic elements (income, wealth, occupation and education) which determine the social class of individuals and households, Americans believe in three- class model that includes the rich, the middle class and the poor, while, in reality American society is more diverse, economically and sociologically. It means that there is no clear class distinction between socio-economic strata.

Social mobility:

The most important concept in a class system of stratification is social mobility. In class system, social stratification based on both birth and individual achievement; personal merit becomes more important. In fact, Industrial societies move towards meritocracy and in this kind of societies status consistency is lower than in other sorts of societies. Since societies became more competitive and more meritocratic some elements such as energy, social skills, character, ambition, physical attractiveness, talent, and luck played great role in social mobility and changing social position.

Now the question is that “How much mobility Americans have experienced during their life?”

Social mobility refers to changes in social position which occur during a person’s lifetime. There are two ways to study social mobility; Intragenerational Mobility and Intergenerational mobility.

By the first concept, we mean upward and downward movement in social ladder and by second one we refer to upward and downward movement in social hierarchy compared with the previous generation.

In order to explaining occupational mobility, mostly, scholars focus on father-child or household head-child occupational persistence (Intergenerational mobility).

If we distinguished six general occupational categories including upper professional or manager, lower professional or clerical, self-employed, technical or skilled trade, farm, unskilled and service workers, in united states, among men whom born after 1950, 32 percent of men were immobile (their occupation was in the same category as their father’s), 37 percent were upwardly mobile, and 32 percent were downwardly mobile. About women, data show that 27 percent were immobile, 46 percent were upwardly mobile, and 28 percent were downwardly mobile. Then, in occupation upward mobility was more common than downward mobility and Comparisons with other industrialized countries occupational mobility in the United States is reasonably high.

According to studies, intergenerational elasticity (IGE) in income between fathers and sons was estimated 0.4 or higher. Totally, actual association between parents’ and children’s incomes is high.

Wealth mobility is totally different from occupational and income mobility; at first, wealth is important because its distribution is more unequal than the distribution of income and on the other hand it effects on other aspects of family well-being, especially homeownership and investment in children’s education. Also, there is substantial intergenerational persistence in family wealth and the correlation is in the neighborhood of 0.50. The disparity in wealth persists between the generations. Thus, people who have no wealth loose opportunities. As an example, inherited wealth can put families in better neighborhoods and school districts than they could afford if they had to rely just on their incomes.

Social class in the United States is affected by individual achievement, as I said, Occupation, educational attainment and income can be earned and increased through a lifetime, but still it is undeniable that the rich have more money, more education, better occupation, better health, and consume more.

As a conclusion we should say that without the concept of social stratification, it is impossible to understand people’s behavior, because social class determines all aspects of our life…., our happiness, our religious beliefs, our customs, our interests and hobbies our health and even how long we will live and totally our life style.


Source by Sara Sajjadi