4 Tips for Creating a healthy eating plan


To be healthy, first and foremost step is to accept that you need to change your current lifestyle and eating habits. When you understand that the next step is to come up with a plan of action to follow.

should set personal fitness goals based on the action plan.

Implementation of the plan is an important step in the journey towards fitness and health.

Due to the specific goals will help you better motivated and stick to your plan.

Create your own healthy eating plan as follows: 4 tips given below

1. Be realistic set of goals to be achieved

Do not the most common error setting unreasonable goals for yourself and heavy. If you can not reach your goals, you will feel discouraged and maybe even give up the diet.

more realistic when setting your goals, but that does not mean making it easy for yourself.


If you work long hours, you can not expect to cook healthy meals every time.

when creating your goals, think about the details. Exactly how much weight you want to lose fat and volume. That they are reasonable, neither too easy to achieve, nor too difficult to achieve.

It is difficult to accurately determine the percentage of body fat without the use of expensive medical equipment, it is better to monitor the changes in body fat or muscle measurements.

before you start eating healthy and exercise plan sets out the measurements of the waist, hips, thighs and upper arms. And make sure that once every two weeks or so to monitor your progress.

it is difficult to accurately determine your calorie needs without having to use medical equipment. To be sure, how much you should take, you should consult a professional or a personal trainer.

2. Gradually go

Once you have developed your goals, implement the changes gradually.


The goal is to stop the habit of eating chocolate munching carrots or bananas. But do not cut the chocolate is completely on the first day of the diet plan.

Think about how to gradually reduce the chocolate you eat. This prevents an irresistible craving.

foods that are both healthy and delicious, we recommend that you follow through on your plan. It prevents mindless feeding taking your time when eating and enjoy every bite of food you eat will help you realize when you are full.

3. Be true to yourself

When you concede your cravings, to be honest about it.

Admit that you ate things I try to avoid, and the effort to put the next meal. Integrity is helping to cover up the days when admitted to the desire of the food you chose not to eat.

This can help you to monitor what you eat everyday and be accountable to your diet can help you stay on course in your diet.

4. Snacking healthy foods

increase from munching on snack food metabolism, but it ensures that a healthy snack to eat. They can help you burn more calories and keep you from overeating.

snacking on healthy foods also gives you a constant supply of energy throughout the day.

Coming out an eating plan takes time.

Follow the above four tips to reduce design time and use your ideas to help you create and stick to that plan.

Once perfected and strongly sticking to a healthy diet plan, they may greatly benefit that comes from a healthy diet.


Source by Mo Salle

7 Reasons Why Sex Intercourse Good For You – How to better sex Health


Sex is bad for your health? Obviously not. Come on, do not have sex, you do not! As if things were not bad enough as it is, with a great many people have been told to cut off or trim the things we enjoy and love to do, but it must be said, is not sex, it is only when people draw line.

Sex is bad for your health? No! The heart must be exercised to stay in shape. Research has shown men who a week cut the risk of sex two or more times a fatal heart attack by fifty percent. If you do not have sex for whatever reason, some jogging or go for a brisk walk. To keep the heart healthy, going from strength to strength and performance between the sheets.

do not help you lose weight: Most sexual maniacs are skinny. This is worrying because people say I’m skinny, so the cat out of the bag, so no excuses. Like any form of exercise, sex will help you shed the pounds. The thirty-minute sex session contains 85 calories to burn. In order for the plan: a 15-minute workout on a treadmill is also likely to burn up to 200 calories; 42 of these 30-minute sessions, it can also take a pound off the weight.

sex strengthens the immune system: Even if the sex is good for your health, there is the issue of safe sex. If you have unprotected sex can be bad for you. There is a wide range of sexually transmitted diseases that through that stupid and do not use condoms. Sex will always be bad if there are opportunities for passing on STD. Those who have sex once or twice a week has been shown that the higher the level of immunoglobulin IgA, or an antibody, which helps protect them from respiratory diseases such as colds and flu. However, it should not be greedy, because the study found those who had sex three or more times a week to the lowest level of antibodies.

sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer: study found that men in the early 20s who had five or more ejaculations weekly one third less likely to develop cancer in later years.

Non relieve stress: the medical description of the atmosphere increases sex gives people belong to the brain emissions during endorphins and after sexual intercourse, and these neurotransmitters generate a feeling of euphoria while disguising the negative effects of stress. Study shows sex lowers blood pressure, which helps people manage stress situations better.

Non relieves pain: endorphins released during sexual intercourse because of the increased levels of oxytocin in the human body. This supposedly relieves joint pains and period, and so on. Lower blood pressure is good migraine relief.

Sex helps you sleep really true? Would I be right that it depends on how long it lasts, and he takes the time and maybe we talking about? If you are in an explosive sex, it is not for anyone exhausted and ready to get some shut-eye after this? Sex is not not to be filled, action-packed, and to lie back when it’s over, and nod off. In addition, it helps you sleep better while relieving stress and pain, sex, oxytocin is generated. Sex relaxed, encouraging a deeper, more restful sleep.

Take this information to the board and not only will you see your sex, what to do, but just something you have to do to stay healthy and shape. Show your wife this, and there may be no need for the headache tablets again.


Source by Kacy Carr

Sperm Taste – 10 Simple Tips For Better Tasting Semen


Sperm taste is affected by what you eat, as are all secretions from the body.

It is a fact that your sperms taste can be improved and making your semen taste better, can be done with a few simple diet changes.

Diet has A major influence on sperm taste as it’s a secretion from the body like any other.

Just as your sweat can smell strongly after eating a heavily spiced meal your sperm will also reflect the spices in its taste.

The make up of sperm

Semen is made up of ninety percent (90%) seminal fluids including fructose (sugar) protein, and various trace minerals and nutrients.

The PH of semen is 7 and scientifically neutral, yet it tastes slightly acidic. Let’s take a look at the actual ingredients of semen.

A man’s ejaculate is actually only 1% sperm.

The rest is composed of various proteins, vitamins, sugars, salts, cholesterol, and water. All the extras are what protect, feeds, fuels the sperm in its journey.

As you can see in terms of semen’s composition, it’s fairly obvious that what you eat will make it taste better or worse!

Getting a sweeter taste

With sperm taste, the aim is to make it taste sweeter.

All men have a semen taste that is exclusive to them, but the major complaint on sperm taste is normally always the same:

It tastes bitter or salty; let’s look at how to make semen taste sweeter

10 Tips for better semen taste

Here then are 10 simple do’s and don’ts to improve the taste of your sperm and make your semen taste better and sweeter:

1. Cut out alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs and nicotine- they’re all pollutants.

2. Drink lots of water 1 – 2 liters a day to flush out body toxins.

3. Fruit get plenty each day and sweeten your sperm taste

Pineapple, papaya cranberry, melons, mangos, apples grapes are all good choices. These fruits are high in natural sugars and offset the bitter taste.

4. Eat plenty of vegetables which are generally good for improving sperm taste.

5. While it is true vegetarians generally have better tasting sperm there are vegetables to avoid:

Any vegetables from the cabbage family big offenders also include Cauliflower, broccoli, or asparagus:

5. Cut red meat consumption this is one pf the main offenders when it comes to making sperm taste salty. Dairy produce such as milk and cheese also make sperm taste salty.

Make sure when you eat protein you get good quality lean protein such as chicken and turkey.

Fish is claimed by some to be an offender in terms of taste, but this seems to vary between individuals. Try it and see the affects before cutting it out, fish is a major part of a healthy diet, so don’t cut it out!

6. Avoid heavy spices such as Garlic and onions, they’re big offenders when it comes to sperm taste, as they have a high sulfur content.

7. Do not buy products that claim to make your semen taste better there is no evidence that they work.

Your semen can be made to taste better by overall changes in diet and lifestyle, it’s a complex formula and a good healthy diet has the biggest affect.

8. Parsley, wheatgrass, and celery are particularly recommended for sweeter semen taste, because of their high chlorophyll content.

9. Cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint and lemon are particularly recommended for making semen taste sweeter.

10. Avoid junk food, they’re loaded with chemicals and preservatives that pollute your body and your semen’s taste.

Try and eat food “from the earth” i.e. as naturally as possible. Also consider taking a zinc and selenium supplement, both are needed for healthy sperm and can make the taste better.

Finally, strong smelling semen may indicate an infection, so if your semen taste doesn’t change when you change your diet, you should consider a visit to the doctor.

Your aim with your diet is to eat one that helps your overall health and the above recommendations will not only make your semen taste better you will also feel fitter and healthier as well.

Keep in mind that you can eat some of the foods we don’t recommend for sperm taste.

You can enjoy red meat and the occasional spiced curry just keep in mind the following when considering sperm taste:

What you put into your body takes between 12 and 24 hours to secrete out and you should simply keep this in mind before eating and deciding whether you want a better sperm taste on that particular day or not!


Source by Sacha Tarkovsky

The Super Vocal Health Tool – Oregano Oil


oregano oil and Vocal Health Care

oregano oil is one of nature’s most potent and powerful healing substances on the planet. It has been tested against a variety of infections, and has been found to exert high anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial action. It is also one of the most important tool for audio professionals already in the health of their toolbox.

in his book, The Cure, the wardrobe: How to use oregano better health, Dr. Cass Ingram, one of the world’s foremost experts in the healing and curative oregano oil, describes the unlimited uses for this wonderful oil . The main and most effective use as an excellent remedy for respiratory diseases, lung problems and expelling mucus in the lungs (which usually results in the saliva of the vocal cords.)

These are all questions that we sound professionals always be to be at the top. If you encounter problems with your lungs and breathing, and fluid in the chest and throat, we are in big trouble. Breathing must be open, complete and free of any debris or obstacles.

Vocal Health Tool

I use oil of oregano when I feel ANY type of cough, torokkaparás or weakness in my body, or any other sign of any disease creeping into the system. The oil itself is very, very strong and very effective. In this book, Dr. Ingram directs you to one or two drops of fruit juice and drink it. This is fine for those who can tolerate the intensity of the oil. However, another way to use it to put it into an empty pill capsules and swallow. Empty Capsules can be found in any health food store or pharmacy. When

Loading of oil into the capsule, be very careful not to get any on your hands or the outside of the capsule. Very strong and slightly burn the skin when an open cuts. And it’s the same way your throat if it is outside the capsule, so there is very aware of when preparing for use.

neck and Lung Defects

If you hit breathing problems, you should immediately start the oil a couple of times a day. The antibiotic effect of the oil-like incredible and the oil does not destroy the good bacteria in the gut, as antibiotics do not. Instead, it helps the body use its own healing power and use less energy to fight the harmful effects of antibiotics. Sometimes we mix a few drops of honey, lemon, water and a tablespoon of olive oil to reduce the taste and the burn. I have this gargle when I’m really in trouble and you have to sing soon. I feel that healing is usually almost immediately.

Remember, never use in more than one or two drops of oil applied to the throat immediately and can always be sure to check with your doctor before or changing any medications or herbal first addition to the healthcare professional in the diet. However, when the formulas, or manufacturers, you need to be very careful what you use. This is the case of oregano oil. The most reliable and widely tested and researched products on the market today, Wild oregano P73. It’s a bit expensive for the amount you buy, but it goes a long way, and you will not need to use much if administered.

As always, I wish you the best in finding Superior Vocal Health.


Source by David Aaron Katz

How to Become a Health and Safety Officer in the UK


A health and safety officer (also known as a HSO) monitors how an organisation complies with health and safety law, and provides advice to both companies and employers on safe working environments. A HSO will usually work for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the local government, or a similar body, specially trained to monitor compliance with health and safety regulations. Health and Safety officers also exist within private organisations, usually larger ones, and in the public sector, such as hospitals and schools etc.

Health and Safety Officers are employed in a variety of industries such as construction, manufacturing, catering, waste, IT and aerospace as well as many more. The objective is simple and that is to keep people safe when in the working environment.

A HSO has a number of responsibilities. Whenever visiting an organisation, the health and safety officer must record all information. They carry out routine inspections over the course of time, which will include collating evidence and taking any samples, when necessary. They should investigate any complaints that have been made about the work environment, and provide advice on technical and legal issues. They should collect evidence and build case files, which includes maintaining a database of inspections. If necessary, a HSO may have to present information in court, or on other public enquiries relating to injury and/or death in the workplace. More than anything, a HSO will ensure that an organisation is complying with legislation, and isn’t taking the health and safety of their staff for granted. If this was the case, the officer would suggest ways to improve the working conditions, and monitor any changes that are made thereafter. So, a health and safety officer has plenty of duties – but it is an important one, which helps to make working environments a lot safer for many companies, and can be a successful career path to follow.


You normally need a Higher National Diploma (HND) or degree, usually in occupational safety and health. There are also qualifications at a higher level for those who are clear what their career path is. To practice as a health and safety officer, you can complete either a BSc or MSc in environmental health, they are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland; in Scotland, they are credited by the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS).

Just to get on these courses, however, you will require other qualifications. You will need either NVQs or A-levels. Ideally, these qualifications will be one of the science-based subjects (chemistry, biology and physics) or mathematics, but it isn’t a major problem if this is not the case. However, you would need at least 5 A-C grades at GCSE level, with at least a B in maths.

There are other courses available which can provide you with work experience. There are also sandwich courses, meaning that you will still gain work experience in your chosen field, but whilst the majority of your studies will be at one college, the rest of your time will be spent at another university.

Don’t worry however if you don’t have a degree. Many careers paths see people evolve into different roles and health and safety officer is one of those. Probably the most sought-after qualification required for this role is the National Examination Board for Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) Certificate and Diploma. NEBOSH and IOSH another qualification in health safety appears on most job descriptions. NEBOSH courses are generally studied at college, and can be taken both full and part-time and require the student to take examinations at the end. However, it is increasingly more common now that NEBOSH courses can be studied intensively over 10-14 days which can really help those looking to fast track their career.

What Employers Are Looking For

Health and safety are important areas that all organisations must always take into consideration. Therefore, as a HSO, you will be required to ensure that all environments you come into contact with are safe and healthy, or if not, suggest the ways that they can be improved. As a result, there are a number of key skills that employers are looking for in a health and safety officer.

Communication skills are very important; you will often have to suggest potential flaws, so being able to explain the problems, the possible consequences if they are not fixed, and how to remedy them in a well-spoken, considerate and calm manner is vital. If not, it could have the opposite effect, and the suggested changes will not be made out of spite, which could then lead to danger.

You must also be calm. There will be moments of extreme pressure and high stress. For example, should you have to report on an incident wherein due to a failure to comply with health and safety regulations, a worker has been injured or even killed, you may have to advise and create a case for prosecution, which could involve gathering photographic evidence and speaking with those most closely linked with the incident. Although you are not at fault, it will still be stressful and hard to deal with, so being able to remain cool under such pressures is of great significance, to you, the organisation and the people involved.

There are other traits that an employer will want to see. You will have to be self motivated and well-organised, as you will usually have to build and maintain your own inspection records. You must be able to think on your feet; if you see a potential hazard, knowing quickly how to address the matter means that it will be dealt with more quickly. And you should always be open to the advice of others; you may suggest a course of action that may be wrong, or perhaps there is a better way of dealing with a problem. Being able to listen to others will help you to improve, and make you a better health and safety officer.

How Much Money Will I Make as a Health & Safety Officer in the


For those just starting out within health and safety, as well as graduates, the starting salary is likely to be around £25,000. Depending on the size of the organisation, and its location, however, that figure could be higher, possibly as high as £40,000 for a major company in a heavily populated part of the country. When entering a management role, the starting salary for a health and safety officer will be even higher, with some earning upwards of £60,000.

In addition, there may be opportunities to work for private sector companies, who advise on health and safety issues and work on a consultancy basis earning £250-£1000 per day. Salaries will be roughly the same as those for a “regular” health and safety officer, but those who reach senior consultancy positions generally earn more than £100,000. So, one can understand why, if the option to work as a consultant for health and safety becomes available, most would take it.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Health & Safety Officer in the UK

There are benefits and drawbacks to being a health and safety officer. Although being able to spot and avoid hazards may seem logical, there are potential problems which can make the job a stressful one to have.

The list below shows the main pros and cons of being a health and safety officer.


• High annual salaries once qualifications are earned

• Much of the learning is based on logic

• Helping others will make your own working environment safer

• You will spot potential hazards quicker than others & prevent them easily


• A lot of pressure to ensure you do your job well & help to avoid danger

• Can be stressful when dealing with cases involving injury and/or death

• Possibly poor conditions in factories, roof spaces or outdoors

Helpful Contact Information

For further information on the qualifications accredited by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, contact:

Chartered Institute of Environmental Health

Chadwick Court

15 Hatfields




For details on the qualifications accredited by the Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland, contact:

The Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland

19 Torphichen Street



EH 3 8HX

Telephone 0131 229 2968



Source by Mark L Armstrong

Garlic Health Benefits and Resveratrol


Garlic health benefits are unique it has properties that can impact some of our 21st century health problems in dramatic way. It is amazing that a simple food can have such profound effects on our health and well-being.

What scientist are discovering daily just how potent some of our nearly forgotten natural foods can be. Hippocrates, the father of medicine and perhaps the greatest healer who ever lived, wrote some 2,500 years ago:

“Let food be your medicine-let your medicine be your food.”

Garlic the Ideal Food

That was a powerful statement then, and it is even a more applicable statement our 21st century health problems.

Garlic health benefits probably more than any other food, fits into Hippocrates description of and ideal food. It is extremely nutritious and has health-promoting and disease-preventing properties that have only recently been closely examined and accepted.

Where Does it Grow

Garlic grows in just about every part of the world, in temperate, subtropical and tropical regions.

It is not grown from a seed, but from individual cloves.

If you plant one clove in the right conditions, it will produce a bulb or head with eight to twenty cloves. The botanical name for garlic is allium sativum.

The First Appearance of Garlic

The first appearance of garlic in history dates back over 6,000 years. In 1911 clay models of garlic bulbs were found in a tomb at Mahasna in Egypt.

They can be accurately dated back to 3750 B.C.,well before time of the Pharaohs. The models were made of unbaked, whitewashed clay with as many as nine pods to a central globe.

Experts have remarked on the excellent, lifelike reproductions.

Garlic for Vibrant Health

The Greeks of Athens and Knossos reveled in garlic health benefits.

It was around this time that it began to have a defined health and medical connotation. The Greeks held that it gave them vibrant health and energy.

Aristotle described it as a tonic to invigorate and restore health. Olympic athletes used garlic to enhance strength and endurance.

Garlic is good for increasing the flow of urine (diuretic). Relaxing the stomach (digestive aid) with candida infection and aiding a cough with pus or signs of suppuration in a sick man (antibiotic) clears the arteries (lowers blood fats, cholesterol and triglycerides) candida infection and aiding a cough with pus or signs of suppuration in a sick man (antibiotic) clears the arteries (lowers blood fats, cholesterol and triglycerides) is cancer preventive and even helps to lower high blood pressure.

Garlic health benefits are so numerous it is hard to write about them all.

Garlic’s Historical Record

If garlic did not work and work well, it would have fallen out of the historical record at some point long ago. but garlic has a medical history more solid than just about any other substance we know. It has truly stood the test of time.

Garlic’s Unique Taste and Smell

How does garlic suddenly develop its characteristic taste and smell? If you take a clove of garlic, peel it, get real close and take a sniff. There is no odor. You can lick the uncut clove and there is no taste.

If you boil it without cutting it, you get a vegetable taste. The strong odor and taste of garlic appear only after it has been cut or crushed. What is the strong smelly compound, and what is the mystery of its production?

Its the allicin in the garlic when it is crushed or cut the garlic releases this chemical and that is where the strong taste and smell come from.

Garlic and Resveratrol

Garlic is a powerful antioxidant and like Resveratrol is an anti aging compound. And like resveratrol naturally helps to lower cholesterol. Any vitamin or substance that protects the cells is anti aging but Resveratrols anti aging properties are a little different than any other compound because it activates the sirtuins inside our cells and turns on the longevity genes inside our cells.

A Diet Rich in Natural Foods Can Increase Longevity

In different parts of the world people don’t suffer from the same diseases we Americans do.

Like the French who have half the heart disease we do and eat four times the fat that we do they drink a glass of red wine with almost every meal and it is the resveratrol in the red wine that helps prevent heart disease.

The Greenland Eskimos diet is mostly whale blubber and they don’t suffer the same heart disease either because they also get twelve grams of fish oil (omega-3s) in there diet every day.

The Ikarians have a diet rich in natural foods and garlic health benefits, helps prevent old age disease just like how Resveratrol slows the aging process.

And the Ikarians suffer 20 percent fewer cases of cancer than do Americans and have about half our rate of heart disease and one-ninth our rate of diabetes.

Most astonishing of all: among the islanders over 90 whom the team studied-about one-third of Ikaria’s population who are 90 and older-there was virtually no Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia.

In the United States more than 40 percent of people over 90 suffer some form of this devastating ailment.


Source by Allen R Partch

Maintaining a Healthy Thyroid Diet – Include These Foods


Have you ever heard “You are what you eat?” I’m sure you have.

When I gave up on western medicine to solve my Graves’ and later Hashimoto’s disease, I turned to diet. This was not an easy process. I struggled for a long time experimenting with foods and discovered that diet can indeed influence the thyroid.

I discovered what foods to remove from my diet and what foods were needed to cure and maintain a healthy thyroid. Now I want to cover:

Foods to ADD to my life to boost my immune system and detox the body and help the thyroid


FOOD that is nutritionally-dense and provides all the key macro- and micro-nutrients in good ratio.

Some tips here:

o Always organic, they are more nutrition-packed and free of hormones that are known to interrupting our endocrine system

o Meat must be at least organic but pasture-raised is best. We want to eliminate antibiotics and growth hormones from our diet

o Food that is FERMENTED the traditional way, so things like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, homemade yoghurt, kombucha tea are all rich in probiotics.


They are the building blocks of your digestive track and our hormones. We are fat-o-phobic in America and low-fat diets are one of the worse things that we invented. Europeans and Asians have fat-rich diets (traditionally) and enjoy much better health than we do. Good fat tips: avocados, walnuts, coconut oil, coconut butter. Animal fats are the best in restoring a troubled digestion; ghee (clarified butter), butter, chicken and beef fat are essential but need to be rendered and not in fried/processed form.


Probiotics are key in restoring your digestive track

Everyone has bacteria in their digestive tract, or gut, that is essential to the function of the human body. A healthy adult has about 1.5 – 2 kg of bacteria in their gut, both good and bad. Normal levels of bacteria, or flora, in the gut protects against invaders, undigested food, toxins, and parasites. When the good and bad bacteria in the gut get out of whack (i.e. more bad than good), a whole host of negative reactions can occur in the body. Undigested foods can leak through into the bloodstream causing food allergies and intolerances, vitamins and minerals to not be absorbed, leading to deficiency, the bad bacteria to produce a whole host of toxins, and the immune system to not function properly.

Here are examples of traditionally fermented food you could incorporate to your diet:

o Sauerkraut (pick properly fermented, not in vinegar)

o Kim chee (Korean fermented veggies)

o Yoghurt

o Kefir (has different bacteria than yoghurt, also super beneficial)

o Kombucha tea

o Vegetable medley (fermented)

o Coconut water kefir

HERBS, SUPPLEMENTS and VITAMINS that benefit the thyroid

Although I’m a fan of getting these from real food whenever possible. It’s hard to give tips here as many people over-medicate and feel worse later. Hopefully these tips help; they apply to most auto-immune conditions (this was given by my naturopath who focuses on hormonal and thyroid health):

  • most people are Vit D deficient, taking Vit D in 2,000 units is safe and good to do as Vit D is actually a hormone, connected to the thyroid
  • calcium is key but needs to be taken with magnesium for full absorption
  • for hypothyroidism: selenium, turmeric/curcumin, phytosterols and for GI support; probiotics and L-Glutamine are key.
  • for hyperthyroidism: copper and magnesium are a common deficiency in people with hyper.

SIMPLE MEDITATION, BREATHING and VISUALIZATION techniques that manage stress and emotions.

I cannot emphasis how important this is, especially for people with hyperthyroidism. We underestimate what stress and emotions do to us; each flare-up of anger, feelings of guilt, fear, hostility, jealousy, etc fire up the adrenals which release cortisol and this hormone has a detrimental impact on the thyroid.


Whether it is sports, dancing, yoga that gets you moving that does not drain your adrenals and your thyroid, yet gives you a sense of accomplishment and joy.


Balance based on your bio-individuality

No one diet/plan works for everybody as each person has a unique way of healing. There is a saying: “One person’s food is another’s poison.” It’s always worth remembering that just because one diet worked for one person it does not mean it will work for you too. The same way one person could have healed their thyroid by just changing the water filters (by getting rid of fluoride) alone and another needs to implement five major diet and lifestyle changes to start feeling just a little better. Let’s respect our differences.


Source by Magdalena Wszelaki

Antioxidants, pH and alkalinity – What are they and what is their impact on health?


antioxidants, pH and alkalinity terms are used more and more, when the health benefits. However, most people are embarrassed to these terms, let alone how they relate to health.

First of all, I give you a simple description of each of these words: antioxidants, pH and alkalinity. I’ll summarize for you what this means to your health, and what can we do to combat illness and disease. And finally, you get a free eBook that will give you a better understanding of these conditions and the role of health and an easier way to help you achieve optimal health drink the right kind of water and eating the right kinds of foods.

  • Antioxidants molecules that protect the environmental factors such as pollution, sun, and toxins from food and water. Antioxidants are substances such as vitamins C and E, beta carotene and selenium, to slow down the aging process and the organization with the tools to heal damaged cells already. “Antioxidants” is the opposite of “oxidants.” Oxidants create unstable molecules called “free radicals,” which damage cells and DNA, which in turn will lead to disease and premature aging. Oxidation of a stainless tube or what happens after we cut an apple and leave out the counterweight is oxidized, the apple turns brown, it begins to rot. Oxidation leads to disease! The more “antioxidants” or you can get better! Add antioxidants and alkalinity, and you’ve got the key to live a disease-free life.
  • Ph represents a measurement of “potential hydrogen” and is a value in the range from 0.0 to 14.0 7.0 pH neutral. Any number below 7.0 is acidic, and above all 7,0 alkaline. Ph is simply a measure of how acidic or alkaline substance is. People try swimming, fish aquariums, ponds, and soil pH and alkalinity levels. You need to test body fluids. If it is important for fish and soil, it is important to you. After all, 70% of the water body. Most people take better care of the fish than they do their own bodies.
  • alkalinity opposite of acidic. This is an above pH 7.0 (neutral). This ability to neutralize acids and neutralize. The higher the pH measurement in a certain alkaline substance more buffering or neutralization, which is an acid. The important thing is to know that the alkalinity will neutralize acids and leads to a healthier you. It can begin to achieve the alkalinity eating mainly alkaline foods and drinking alkaline water. Alkaline foods is typically high in antioxidants as well.

All food, when eaten, End of the acid in the body. Pollution, pesticides and other contaminants in food is broken down into acid. Too much acid creates an environment that invites disease and allows the disease to thrive in the body. Acidic environment fed by virtually disease worse, and it is impossible to get rid of. PH test strips can be found online or at your local drug stores. Test your urine and saliva alkaline to see how acidic or. The body should be pH 6.5 to 7.0 pH range during the day. Eating food and drinking high alkaline and antioxidants.


Source by Nina Meister

Delicious Food Good Eye – The Eye health benefits of walnuts


When snacking you’ll probably agree that it is difficult to find food that is not only delicious, but healthy at the same time. For example, when it comes to eye health if you are looking for a snack that meets this criterion, nuts good choice. So if you ever wondered or not nuts good for eyes, here are some of the benefits of nuts in the right visual

content rich in Omega-3 fatty acids: This garbage is a higher level of Omega-3 fatty acids than other nuts. For example, many scientific research studies have in fact shown that the reduction of the omega-3 fatty acid risk of age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration. Eye Doctors recommend a diet that consists of omega-3 fatty acids, than this is a good way to promote eye health.

Rich in antioxidant content: dietitian Rebecca Katz to “Longevity Kitchen magazine,” states: “ounces ounces of nuts twice the amount of antioxidants than any other nut.” Research presented at a meeting of the American Chemical Society, which scientists revealed supported by analysis this conclusion. Scientist Joe Vinson, PhD, who analyzes carried out in states. “Above the nuts rank peanuts, almonds, pecans, pistachios and regular nuts Vinson turned out that the quality and efficiency of antioxidants in walnuts was higher than other mothers, but it turned out that the reason people do not ‘t eat enough for them to believe that they are fattening. he revealed that the type of fats found in nuts is not the artery clogging type of saturated fat, but a healthy type of fat called monounsaturated fat that actually supports heart health

eye ​​support vitamins and nutrients.. This dish is to improve the eyesight is vitamin for vitamin E, the research showed the benefits from this nutrient in terms of slowing Cataract development

nut is zinc and selenium as well. These essential antioxidants, which play an essential role in terms of protecting your eyes from harmful effects of free radicals that cause damage to cells in the eye. From this point of view, help to prevent age-related vision problems.

As for the parts, nutritionists recommend eating a handful of nuts a day to promote heart health and overall health. Therefore, from this perspective, the general state of health, here are some additional benefits of nuts Eyes

Eating handful of nuts a day will not only protect your eye health, but interestingly, health experts identified a weight loss benefits associated with eating this a healthy snack. It actually help you in maintaining or losing weight. The great interest in the medical community focuses on eating nuts in moderation, on a daily basis, actually improve cholesterol and triglyceride levels, thereby supporting a healthy heart.

Finding a healthy food is not only good for your eyes, but you do not need delight your taste buds after a challenge. Incorporating a handful of nuts in your diet on a daily basis, you can give your eyes antioxidant protection for visual disorders related to age. With this promotion you can improve the overall health-related areas, the level of good cholesterol, improved heart health and even weight loss. Finally, when the nutritional support of eye health and overall health, it turns out that snacking on nuts proves to be an excellent healthy snack alternative.


Source by Joel Travers King

Cranberry Juice Detox – Is Drinking cranberry juice can really help detoxify?


Cranberry juice detox removes toxins from the body easily. Cranberry antibacterial agents which not only prevents the growth of bacteria, but also help the body to eliminate it. Detoxification is a cleansing process. It protects the body against various diseases and stimulates weight loss. It is always advisable to undergo detoxification programs for 2-3 year enhances the whole body.

cranberry juice detox and also cleans the colon with ease. A healthy colon is the key to better health. Due to the accumulation of toxins in our body, the colon becomes clogged. In order to dispose of the harmful toxins, you need to take detox diet. Especially bacteria, the natural cleansing our body is disrupted; cranberry juice kills bacteria and encourages the natural cleansing process. The presence of Vitamin C, anti-oxidant, vitamin, potassium and manganese cranberries help cleansing the kidneys.

cranberry juice Recipe

* First, you need to take three tablespoons of blueberry juice.

* Second, you need to take a tablespoon of barley green energy

* You need to mix these two ingredients in a glass of mineral water in a blender.

* You should drink at least one glass of cranberry juice daily for a better health.

health benefits of

* Numerous benefits of juice fasting. This technique not only cleanse the colon, but also to clarify the gastrointestinal tract, thus inspiring a proper bowel movement. Juice fasting is very beneficial shedding stubborn belly fat. It can also cure a urinary tract infection.

* Master Cleanse diet is also touted to be the best diet for weight loss and detoxification. The main component of this diet lemon. Although the benefits of this type of juice detox your body, but you’ll have side effects such as headache, nausea, and sometimes allergies. You can also make us prone to diseases of the stomach.

* There are other diet plans such as acai berry and colon cleanse that can help the body to lose weight fast. Acai berry diet fat burning nutrition plan that causes the body’s metabolism automatically while the colon cleanse diet helps in detoxification and elimination of abdominal fat.


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