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oregano oil and Vocal Health Care

oregano oil is one of nature’s most potent and powerful healing substances on the planet. It has been tested against a variety of infections, and has been found to exert high anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial action. It is also one of the most important tool for audio professionals already in the health of their toolbox.

in his book, The Cure, the wardrobe: How to use oregano better health, Dr. Cass Ingram, one of the world’s foremost experts in the healing and curative oregano oil, describes the unlimited uses for this wonderful oil . The main and most effective use as an excellent remedy for respiratory diseases, lung problems and expelling mucus in the lungs (which usually results in the saliva of the vocal cords.)

These are all questions that we sound professionals always be to be at the top. If you encounter problems with your lungs and breathing, and fluid in the chest and throat, we are in big trouble. Breathing must be open, complete and free of any debris or obstacles.

Vocal Health Tool

I use oil of oregano when I feel ANY type of cough, torokkaparás or weakness in my body, or any other sign of any disease creeping into the system. The oil itself is very, very strong and very effective. In this book, Dr. Ingram directs you to one or two drops of fruit juice and drink it. This is fine for those who can tolerate the intensity of the oil. However, another way to use it to put it into an empty pill capsules and swallow. Empty Capsules can be found in any health food store or pharmacy. When

Loading of oil into the capsule, be very careful not to get any on your hands or the outside of the capsule. Very strong and slightly burn the skin when an open cuts. And it’s the same way your throat if it is outside the capsule, so there is very aware of when preparing for use.

neck and Lung Defects

If you hit breathing problems, you should immediately start the oil a couple of times a day. The antibiotic effect of the oil-like incredible and the oil does not destroy the good bacteria in the gut, as antibiotics do not. Instead, it helps the body use its own healing power and use less energy to fight the harmful effects of antibiotics. Sometimes we mix a few drops of honey, lemon, water and a tablespoon of olive oil to reduce the taste and the burn. I have this gargle when I’m really in trouble and you have to sing soon. I feel that healing is usually almost immediately.

Remember, never use in more than one or two drops of oil applied to the throat immediately and can always be sure to check with your doctor before or changing any medications or herbal first addition to the healthcare professional in the diet. However, when the formulas, or manufacturers, you need to be very careful what you use. This is the case of oregano oil. The most reliable and widely tested and researched products on the market today, Wild oregano P73. It’s a bit expensive for the amount you buy, but it goes a long way, and you will not need to use much if administered.

As always, I wish you the best in finding Superior Vocal Health.


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