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Niacin flushing better health

One of the biggest advantages of flushing niacin that stimulates the growth hormone which is a muscular physique. First, what niacin flushing exactly entail? If you buy an overdose of niacin, your veins will widen a little and blood flow is significantly improved. This process is called niacin flushing, because basically flush the system of toxic waste cluttered in the capillaries, where circulation is generally poor. In this article I will explain what it does niacin flushing muscle, how to achieve these benefits yourself, and how to avoid the side effects.

Niacin Flushing: How it works

If you take an overdose of niacin, production of growth hormone is stimulated. The best time to take niacin just prior to sleep. In fact, niacin is flushing that if the blood circulation, and this is a great tool when bodybuilding contest.

In order to niacin flush, you will need to consume 50-80 mg. Once you have done this, you can “flush” about an hour. This flushing period is often without side effects, but some people report that the skin becomes red or endure severe headaches.

Niacin consumption

Basically, it will consume niacin in two ways, either natural supplements or niacin dense foods. Both methods are good, but I prefer to niacin via natural foods because these foods are healthier and contain other important micronutrients. The following list of some foods high in niacin

1. Shiitake mushrooms (1 cup). They are interfering with 6.1 mg of vitamin B3.

2. Tamari (one ear). This sauce is vitamin B3 1.2 mg.

3. Chicken Breast (4 OZ-t). This corresponds to 12.3 mg vitamin B3.

4. The raw crimini mushrooms (5 OZ-t). These mushrooms contain 7.1 mg of vitamin B3.

5 Tuna (4 Oz). Tuna 13.6 mg of vitamin B3 one dose.

Avoiding Niacin Side Effects

In order to avoid the unpleasant side effects often associated with niacin overdose, I personally recommend to jot down a note pad or something like that niacin has been used much during the day. Another thing that beginners should do is spreading vitamin B3 intake throughout the day, rather than all in one meal.

Another effective remedy to an aspirin 30 minutes prior to the B3 vitamin-rich foods. Vitamin C pills and garlic extract also can work wonders. Finally sure to drink much water during the flushing period.


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