Penis Sensitivity and Nerve Health – How acetyl L carnitine can improve penis Sensation


reported that the University of Maryland Medical Center, acetyl L carnitine, or ALCAR, is an important amino acid, a wide range of health benefits that positively affect your sexual performance and sexual enjoyment and overall penile health. Men who experience reduced sensitivity, as well as issues related to penis aware of a number of other health benefits of the penis must be ALCAR and how it affects the long-term ability to enjoy sexual activity.

What acetyl L-carnitine?

acetyl L carnitine is an amino acid – the chain molecules which acts as a component of proteins, which play several roles in the body. The main task of the ALCAR goal that fat is the fuel that the body can use to carry out metabolic functions. While acetyl L carnitine is made in the body in small amounts, and it is possible to eat certain foods, many people do not have optimal levels of this important substance in their bodies and may not be able to absorb it efficiently foods or dietary supplements.

Additional features of acetyl L carnitine

In addition to the role of metabolic function, ALCAR a well known antioxidant, a molecule which binds to the free radicals (harmful molecules to the environment), and neutralizes them, preventing them from causing long-term damage to the cells. from chronic L-carnitine has been used for the treatment of acetyl health conditions of heart disease in diabetic neuropathy (in which the nerve tissue throughout the body is destroyed with high sugar in the blood) that Alzheimer’s disease to infertility.

penis health benefits of acetyl-L carnitine

When the penis, ALCAR has many advantages that can not be ignored as part of his health regimen.

• nerve cell repair – Acetyl L-Carnitine provide important support to the nervous system and help the injured nerve tissue and form new nerve cells. Since the surface of the fine mesh nerve endings under the skin of the penis constant friction, often destroyed can be replaced more quickly, resulting in loss of feeling to the penis; acetyl L-carnitine is required in the damaged tissue and promote the ability to experience sexual pleasure.

• Peyronie’s disease – This debilitating condition occurs when scar tissue under the skin of the penis causes the member to bend or curve the erection and sexual activity often painful, or impossible. The researchers found that the acetyl L-carnitine may be more effective than the standard drugs – tamoxifen – which is normally used to treat the disease.

• Enhanced erectile function – Several studies have shown that ALCAR promote erectile function and reduce impotence certain people. In addition, men who used a longer erections and more satisfying orgasms ALCAR report.

• Visualization and relaxation – ALCAR is believed to affect neurotransmitters in the brain, increasing relaxation and visualization; which are important factors for the pleasure of masturbation and sex.

• Protection of environmental damage – the antioxidant properties of acetyl L carnitine protects the penis environmental occupiers, thereby slowing the aging process and helps to serious diseases of the body, such as cancer, it is often the cell damage.

How acetyl-L carnitine can be used to promote sexual health?

as mentioned earlier, dietary supplements are not always enough to make the penis sufficient amount of acetyl-L carnitine as ingested supplements are not always absorbed through the digestive system properly. Using a special penis health formula (most health professionals recommend man1 Man Oil), which, can be provided directly on the penis skin, it is of vital nutrients directly to the skin cells of the penis to maximize their profit.


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