How to Increase your dietary fiber intake

There are various benefits of getting enough fiber in your diet every day help reduce the level of hunger, slow down the digestion of food in the body, regulates blood sugar levels and improve heart health. It is also important to take care of dietary fiber intake improved overall digestive health.

Although you need to make sure you consume enough calories and the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your daily diet, dietary fiber plays an important role in successful weight loss.

Nevertheless, many people still consume enough fiber every day is why you need to take some time to learn which foods should be consumed to boost your fiber intake.

Add blackberries or oatmeal

You can increase your intake of dietary fiber by adding blackberry or raspberry yogurt, as many seeds of these fruits, and so one of the highest fiber fruits available. Oatmeal own fairly high in fiber, but with a sprinkling bran before eating it, you can increase the fiber content yet.

You get an instant boost in complex carbohydrates only by replacing white flour with ground oats or oatmeal. If you do not really like eating vegetables, then puree high-fiber vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli, spinach and sweet potato diet for an instant boost in fiber and vitamin content.

Flax seed and fresh fruit

By linseed to protein shakes, then more fiber in their diet and healthy omega fats. Instead of snacking on granola bars, fresh fruit snacks as their higher fiber and nutrients.

They include side salads

It makes it a point to include a salad loaded with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes or peppers every meal you eat. Instead of eating rice, replace the beans, which are not only a good source of fiber, but also a complex carbohydrate.

Whole grain products and nuts

Eat more nuts, because they are not only a source of healthy fat, but they also provide a small dose of fiber and protein. A sprinkling bran buds into Greek yogurt, you can add some extra crunch and fiber in the yogurt.

Always choose whole grain products such as whole-wheat pita, whole wheat bread, whole-wheat pita bread and whole wheat pasta instead of highly processed products. Eating an apple a day provides your body contains about 5 grams of fiber. A balanced diet, it could even serve as the Apple one ounce of low-fat cheddar or cheddar cheese. The low-calorie food, a lot of fiber, just drink vegetable soup.


It is no more a challenge to get more fiber in a healthy diet, the many strategies available. Just make sure to consume only one or two of these sources of fiber each day, as increasing fiber intake, too much fiber can shock the digestive system. This can lead to gastro-intestinal problems, to let the great pain and discomfort. It is therefore reasonable to slowly increase your fiber intake to reap the long-term results.

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