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Some may consider a manual massage therapy practice as a new way to improve circulation and stimulate the body’s own healing. But hand massage was used as far back as the classical Chinese and Egyptian times. Apart from our faces, our hands are often the most noticeable part of the body, which is why care so much about how they look. You’ve probably met someone who looks very young in their faces, their hands while revealing real age.

The theory of hand massage – that all parts of the body can be mapped to a person’s hand – was the way a Korean doctor who specializes in acupuncture. The acupuncture method, it has been developed that led to today’s traditional, manual therapy.

during the massage, releasing endorphins in the system to balance the body and reduces stress. Thus, while the hand massage feels wonderful, it also acts as a healing magic:

• Keeping joints mobile;

• increasing circulation in your hands;

• Toning the muscles of the hand;

• Rejuvenating skin;

• help prevent conditions such as RSI (repetitive strain injury);

• reduce stiffness and increase flexibility.

Today’s technology is proving to be a new source of pain and discomfort in our hands … sms on mobile phones, extended video games, typing on a computer keyboard … all contribute to the popularity of combat manual handling an increased workload on our hands .

If you use your hands a lot during any given day – and most of us do at work – are likely to experience the pain associated with tension and work. If you spend a large part of your daily typing – for example – an excessive use hand rub to relieve the effects brought about by the computer keyboard. Just 5-10 minutes you can experience the satisfaction of needs; this advantage will only increase in the popularity of hand massage therapy, people of all ages.

If you’re not familiar with reflexology, you know, a hand rub that can bring relief from stress and tension found in various other parts of the body. So while hand rub, the area receiving the pressure will certainly be addressed, but it’s the other part of the body that the “link” to this area of ​​the hand. A trained massage therapist can treat the neck and head pain, arthritis and poor circulation in the hands of honing in their respective fields, while the administration of hand massage.

The hand rub – correctly entered – provides relief to various parts of the upper, middle and lower body. It is an effective combination of hand massage is used to treat the effects of

• symptoms associated with cold and flu;

• back pain;

• Problems with the immune system;

• addiction and desire;

• The sexual energy reflexes;

• The mental stress and energy.

Although the do-it-yourself hand-held massage devices popular after it happens licensed masseur provides the greatest benefit. Nothing compares to the hands of a professional.


Source by John Barret

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